May 14, 2008

Going Number Two

Every once in a while, for reasons that I can't possibly fathom, I head over to read Dooce's (no link provided) blog. I can't really tell you why. I don't find her interesting at all. I also don't despise her like so many fellow bloggers. I generally just choose to ignore her and her ilk.

By her "ilk", I'm not necessarily referring to "mommy bloggers". I'm referring to "boring bloggers". I've got no problem with a good mommy blog. Hell, I read a few of them on a daily/weekly basis. Perfectly acceptable entertainment, if that's your bag.

So I really can't tell you why with any certainty why I sometimes visit the Dooce (other than I think about taking a shit whenever I say "Dooce/Deuce" in my head). Maybe I am secretly fascinated by the blogger as an industry, which is what she has become. Maybe I am jealous of her massive popularity. I really don't think so. That's not why I blog.

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Ahem...back to the action.

In her latest entry, the Dooce chats about her experience on the Today Show with Kathy Lee Gifford. It was a segment about the industry of mommy bloggers and the changing face of motherhood, in general. She's is confused about how Kathy Lee turned on her toward the end of the segment, and she wonders where it all went wrong.

I watched the segment, and I gotta tell you I don't think Kathy Lee said or did anything contrary to what an interviewer should do in her position. She didn't pander to her subject and she asked a few hard questions.. She spoke about her ignorance about the blog-world as a whole, and her reservations about putting one's family out there for the masses. Some of that may come from her own past experience with putting her kids's lives on public display back when she was on Regis' show. She also corrected her co-host when it was mentioned that there were some who don't approve of Dooce out there in the Interwebs. "Don't approve? They DESPISE her!" is what she came back with. Good for her for knowing the facts, and fuck Dooce for feeling uncomfortable with it.

I thought the most interesting thing about the segment was the focus on blogging as an industry. Dooce told them that not only has she been "getting paid" since 2001 for her blog, but it has been so lucrative that her husband has quit his job and is now running her "business" for her. I find that absolutely amazing! Do any of you actually look at the ads on a blog? I certainly don't, but I've long felt that advertising of any kind is lost on me. I want what I want, and I'm rarely persuaded otherwise by Madison Avenue. Madison Avenue still the advertising capital of the world or am I dating myself?

Also of note from her latest entry - she opened it up to comments. I know this is a sticking point for many bloggers who hate her because she so rarely does. Like they, I feel that blogging should be an interactive activity that welcomes comments. Some wouldn't even call her site a "blog" necessarily because of how rarely she alows comments.

As of this writing she has about 600 comments from readers and fellow bloggers. A quick review of them prove to be extremely complimentary to the Dooce and critical of Kathy Lee. Once again, I didn't have any problem with Kathy Lee's questions or stance on the topic. Did I leave a comment? Nah...couldn't be bothered. I really don't think she reads them anyway. Plus I'm really not one to visit somebody's site just to leave a negative comment...unless it's Slyde, of course. Takes too much energy, and frankly...who really cares?

PS - Silly robotic awfulness over at MovieGrenade. After you read it, watch it transform into something much more interesting. - Earl


limpy99 said...

I also occasionally read Dooce, although far less frequently than I drop a deuce. I don't get her popularity, but I can't see any reason to despise her either. Unlike, say, Kathy Lee.

Verdant Earl said...

Limpy - I've heard that Kathy Lee eats kittens for breakfast. True story!

Avitable said...

I've never seen someone get so much publicity and goodwill out of being fired. She's like Omarosa from the first Apprentice.

Bruce Johnson said...

While Mommy Blogs offer an interesting insight into the female maternal mindset, they don't tend to be very 'deep' or entertaining. Finding new ways to potty train your latest Yard Ape isn't really interesting reading.

I suppose the blogsphere has evolved into 'clicks' of which the mommy bloggers are a suprising number. Personally, I look for the entertaining and thought provoking and the artistic if I can find it. There aren't a lot of thise, but there are a few. Since I am leaving this comment YOU must be one of them....kudos.

Seals said...

I used to read Dooce because I thought some of her posts were funny. I like it when she crosses the line. (It's an odd juxtaposition compared to her usual fare.) Thing is, she doesn't do it enough for me to read regularly anymore.

Anyway, I think most "popular" bloggers have one thing in common -- they got in early and have years of "word of mouth" and search engine content.

It doesn't have anything to do with content. And that sucks.

Verdant Earl said...

Avi - is that how she started? I've never been interested enough to find out her backstory.

Lotus - maybe you just have low standards. ;)

ajooja - I would think that anyone who has read Dooce for a period of time MUST become bored with her...because she is boring. So it shouldn't matter that she has been around since 2001/forever.

Avitable said...

Yup. Got fired for her blog, then got famous because of it. The term "dooced" means getting fired for posting on your blog.

RW said...

I have never read her blog and only know of her when other bloggers talk about her.

I'm nobody - and if I don't know about you, you're obviously nothing.

So much for her.

Verdant Earl said...

Avi - Aha...thanks.

RW - You are the ultimate authority on the people you don't know. Huh, what?

SK Waller said...

I don't give a rat's ass about being popular on the web, or anywhere else for that matter. Maybe I'm just old hippie enough to resent ads on blogs. I've never placed any on mine and I doubt that I ever will. Blogs that didn't have ads and now do, change. It becomes about making money. I know a couple of bloggers whose blogs have become boring because they dedicate entire entries to hollow endorsements of products they've been sent. Subsequently, I have stopped reading them.

My blog may not be "popular" but at least it's honest.

If blogs are the new literary medium, ad blogs are magazines and non-ad blogs are books.

And I agree, by the way. Dooce is boring and pretentious and needs to grow a thick skin if she wants to be a celebrity blogger.

Slyde said...

wow, and i thought i had my fingers directly on the pulse of the blogger community..

ive never even heard of her...

i am the diva said...

i started reading dooce a few years ago because she was an ex-mormon and so i related to a lot of what she wrote about, but lately i find my regular bloggy community to be more interesting and i'd rather spend my time commenting on your blog, earl, than reading hers.

I am envious of her ability to stay home and blog for a living - and while i recently put ads on my baby blog (not for any personal gain) i don't imagine i'll be getting much revenue from them for the same reasons you stated. meh.

anyway, Go Earl Go!!

Artful Kisser said...

I think I came to the blog world far too late cos I missed the whole Dooce phenomenon way back when other people assure me she was edgy. I've visited a couple of times but haven't seen that and thought I was completely missing the point. Good to know I'm not just daft.

SK Waller said...

Yeah, what Diva said. I love my blog hood. I've never been a regular reader of celebrity blogs.

Verdant Earl said...

Steph - ad-free and that's the way its gonna stay.

Slyde - she's pretty damn popular, dude.

Diva - yeah, I don't see how the ad thing can work for ya...but I'm rooting anyway!

Artful Kisser - she used to be edgy?

Steph2 - the only celebrity blogs I read are the ones that trash celebrities. Not what you meant, eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

Um, OK, I'm confused. You haven't quit your day job? You aren't wearing Armani, driving a 9-series BMW, and living in the Hamptons (I mean when you're not living on Lake Como)? Damn, boyfriend, you've been going about it all wrong. The rest of us are partying 26x9 and posting once a month. So what's your problem?

Seriously, I've never even HEARD of this woman and I don't want to. If "mommy" blogging is an industry, why can't we start "drunk" blogging??? RW? Anybody? Bueller?

badgerdaddy said...

I've never heard of her, but I don't suppose there's any reason I should have.

I have, however, partied in Lake Como. It's nice there.

white rabbit said...

Perhaps as a reverse of ookami snow's competition, a competition for most boring blog would be in order?

Anyone who nominates mine sleeps with the feeshes ;)

RW said...

Jesus bobgirrl, drunk blogging is all I do.

Verdant Earl said...

bobgirrl - the only time I visit the Hamptons is when I drive through it to get to Montauk...they are seriously over-rated and all the cool kids are moving to The End. And I would be up for blunk drogging, er...I mean drunk blogging. ;)

badger - I only know of Lake Como from films, unfortunately.

WR - Never boring, and where else would I get my semi-regular dose of yer Rock n Roll?

elizabeth said...

dude. You are totally going to win. Not to worry.

I'm not a mommy blog am I? *shudders*

Verdant Earl said...

Liz - I's pretty close. 10-8. We'll see. And you are totally not a mommy hardly ever write about your kids. In fact I often forget you have kids.