Dec 5, 2012

Humpday Music Picks

I can't stand the term "Humpday", by the way. I use it here against all of my better judgment. I also always want to put an "e" after the "g" in judgment. I'll never get over the fact that there isn't one there.


Anyway, Gia and I had a conversation about rock stars the other day, and the current lack thereof. I mean, in the Legends category we have a bunch of them. But does anyone really consider Mick Jagger to be a rock star anymore? Eric Clapton? Pete Townshend?  Hell, even Bono?

But we agreed on two current rock stars. Dave Grohl (although Gia fought with me on that one) and Jack White. Especially Jack White. Everything that the guy does is just spot-on. And he has somehow turned his unique looks and talents into an iconic thing. He's an absolute rock star in every sense of the term.

Have a listen to "I'm Shakin'" from his Blunderbuss album:

Now that's a song that I can't imagine anyone who has ever loved Rock & Roll not loving as well. And it seems as if he cranks out product like this so effortlessly. Amazing. Fucking rock star.

And one more tune for you. And from a band who reminds me a bit of The White Stripes with a lead singer who stylistically reminds me a bit of Jack White. Wolfmother with "Joker and the Thief" from their 2005 titular debut album. Hehehehe...titular. Enjoy!


savannah said...

nice!!! thanks for the new sounds, sugar! xoxoxoxo

Unknown said...

Bono? You mean that awful wee opinionated prick who is hated in Ireland and occasionally pops his head fae out of the popes arse?

No... not a true star by any means.

sybil law said...

I totally agree with all the music featured here. I also kind of agree with Gia about Grohl. He's so.... everyman that it's hard to equate him with "rock star" status, although he most certainly is one. (He's on my bucket list, as you know.) Jack White, though... yes. (And he should be on my bucket list, too.)
I looove Wolfmother.

marty mankins said...

I am a huge Wolfmother fan. Seen them live several times. That song was also in one of the Jackass movies during a stunt they did.

And as Sybil already chimed in here, Grohl is a true modern day rock star.