Feb 8, 2013

The Sandy Effect

UPDATE: There was no false hype. This was a killer storm. We had around 2 and 1/2 feet of snow, at least where I was shoveling. We need the plows to come by before we can even think of getting the cars out. Holy shit!

And, honestly, it's been going on for a lot longer than Superstorm Sandy* back around Halloween. But the hype and (over)reactions to the predictions for this nor'easter, Nemo** to be specific, is a bit out of control. Earlier in the week I heard talk of a coastal storm that we would need to watch, but the meteorologists weren't too worried about it. Then a few days ago, it was upgraded to a major snow event, and Snowpacalypse was nigh. Predictions of over 3 feet of snow in New England with up to 2 feet of snow or more here on Long Island. With blizzard conditions resulting from hurricane-force winds to boot.

It's the end of the world as we know it.

As I write this at 1PM on Friday, it is snowing here on the north shore. Something I wasn't expecting. The latest forecast called for rain all day turning to snow sometime after sundown, which is when it is supposed to get crazy. So maybe we are in for some significant accumulation. Or not. Because we are right on the line of the storm where it is snow to the north and rain in the south. I have no doubt that we are going to wake up to a bunch of snow tomorrow, but how much is anyone's guess. And that's all it seems to be. A guess.

Back to the Sandy Effect, however, and it seems like perception and dire predictions are all that matters for a portion of the population. I had to go out for supplies.  For us, that meant a trip to the liquor store. We are stocked with plenty of food, but we were running low on happy juice. And while I was out, I saw something I couldn't believe.

Gas lines.

That's right. Some people, at least in my neighborhood, are waiting on long lines to fill up their SUVs just in case we get a repeat of the gas shortage associated with the power outages that came with Sandy.  And the gas stations are feeding into it. They have closed off entrances and have their workers directing traffic and it looks exactly like what happened back in early November.

People, it's a snowstorm. Yes, we may get some significant snowfall. Yes, some people may lose some power. Yes, it's gonna be cold over the weekend. But an all-day rainstorm and 48 degree temperatures on Monday virtually guarantees that it will be all gone by Tuesday. And while the potential for extended power outages does exist, I believe that it just isn't going to be the case here on Long Island. I'm sure things are going to be bad for our neighbors across the Sound, and I wish them the best. But I'm still of the opinion that it's a winter storm. Something we have gone through a hundred times in my lifetime.

But we have been spoiled by the past two years. This is shaping up to be our first significant snow storm in around 3 years. But we all grew up with it. We should be tougher than this.

Ah...I probably just jinxed myself into 5 feet of snow and 3 weeks without power. I'm an ass.

And I don't even drink vodka. Seriously.

*I'm not making light of Sandy here. It was truly a horrific storm that affected millions and is still affecting thousands.

**A part of this hype is the current trend of naming winter storms. This one is Nemo. Really? We are naming snowstorms now? This has to end.


Slyde said...

dont worry about jinxing yourself...i managed to cancel you out. I purchased a $800 generator and went out last night and filled out gas cans, so we're sure to not get any snow whatsoever

Heff said...

It could be worse. Here in 'Bama they'll shut down schools over light snowflakes in the air with no accumulation, and I won't even bring UP what a rarity a loaf of bread or milk left on a grocery store shelf would be.


Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - We've always nullified each other.

Heff - It's amazing what weather will do to some people.

RW said...

My buddy in Rocky point said he has his jacuzzi all set at 103 degrees. If you're needing an intro, just let me know,

Verdant Earl said...

RW - He probably lives off the same main road as me (25A), but Rocky Point is about an hour away in good weather. Quadruple it in this crap. No sweat. I'm making soup and I have plenty of whiskey. Set.

marty mankins said...

I;ve had the Effen Cucumber vodka before. It's really good in a shot or over club soda.