May 19, 2014

Food/Booze blog is back!

Hey kids,

Going to start posting over at the collaborative Simmer, Sip, Share blog once again at the request of a Twitter buddy. I'm planning on this year being the Summer of BBQ, so I start it out right with a review of a local Texas-syle BBQ joint nearby.

Dixie's Smokehouse Three Rib Combo
Go on and check it out, if you are so inclined. Expect to see the bulk of my blogging being done over there this summer. And maybe some posts from some familiar faces. Ya never know!



Badger said...

Are they ribs? I have been here a year and still don't know what a rib is

Verdant Earl said...

The top two portions are pork ribs. Babybacks (smaller, more tender) on the left and St. Louis ribs on the right. The biggun down below is one beef rib.