Sep 3, 2011

JTTTC - New Episode tonight at 9PM EST

Hurricane Irene postponed us last week. Then this week has been a comedy of errors about scheduling it. The Colonel has a Fantasy Football draft on Sunday, so we moved it to Friday night. Then I, conveniently, forgot about it and started drinking and barbecuing with some friends.  So we had to re-schedule again...and the time is NOW!  Or, 9PM EST on Saturday. 

So pop a cocktail and join us live.  Or listen in to the podcast after.  But that's not nearly as fun. Right?  Here's the Colonel's weekly email teaser.

Wow, now I'm nervous.   A Saturday Night in the Cornfield.    This could get silly.   I do plan on tasting many many sweet Apple Pie Moonshines and Catdaddy Cocktails for the show.   
Just what I need to discuss all the disappointing players during this joyous Major League season!!
So you think being without power is a bummer??   Imagine being on the hook for $25 million,  $50 million or even $100 million for a guy hitting under .200, or a pitcher with a 5-8 record and an ERA over 5 !!??
Join Earl and the Colonel for a special Friday edition of Just Talking To The Cornfield as we discuss the most 'disappointing' players of 2011.    And because both of us lost power last weekend we had plenty of time to sit up and night and think of weird and or hateful things to spew out.   Him more than me.  
Sit down, grab a stalk and hope to see you tomorrow night at 9.
Earl and the Colonel

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