Apr 8, 2013

Nowhere Man

Because it seems like that is exactly where I've been over the past month or so.


No real reason for it. Just haven't had the urge to write my thoughts done in a while. The beginning of the baseball season will also do that to me sometimes. Lots and lots of baseball to watch and read about. Takes a lot of time.

And I'm a little peeved at Google for getting rid of Reader. I went as far as to begin using Bing as my default search tool. But that's about it. I've switched my feeds to The Old Reader. There was a big backlog, and they are a small operation right now, so it took a couple of weeks for my feeds to import. S'okay. I'm digging it now. Even though they don't currently have mobile apps (at least for Android), so it only works on my laptop. On my phone and tablet, I'm using Feedly. I'm not a huge fan, but maybe because it's different than Reader or The Old Reader. Whatever.

I still have a presence on Google. Google Mail, and this here blog on Blogger. Yup...another Google tool that they may eventually just give up on. Like Reader. I know it's a dollars and sense (hehehe) kinda thing, but...whatever.

Then we had a couple deaths in the family. One on my side and one on Gia's. Put a damper on the past few weeks, to say the very least. Gia's been blogging about it in a bit more detail over at her joint. A long time ago, I made the decision not to discuss my family or friends in this space. I'm going to stick with that decision. We are handling it, and we are attempting to move forward. What other choice do we have?

Do you remember Yellow Submarine, the animated film from 1968 featuring the music of The Beatles? Did it scare the living fuck out of you? Yeah...me too. And not just the Blue Meanies, the terrifying villains who were seemingly made of teeth and anger. Nope...Nowhere Man scared the crap outta me too. Well, his name was Jeremy Hillary Boob, but they sang Nowhere Man to him at one point in the film. So he was always Nowhere Man to me.

He was one of the good guys, and he was...horrific.

I would flat out die if that thing came bouncing down the driveway at me. Just die. ::chills::