Jun 29, 2007


I can't figure it out.

I hate the NBA. HATE IT!

The season is too long. The playoffs are waaaay too long. The games are boring. The players are selfish. It's just no fun anymore.

And yet, last night, I watched the NBA draft and it fascinated me completely. The trades, the trade rumors, the team overhauls. I loved it! I even spent a good hour this morning reading all about it on the Internet. And I'm actually excited about the product that the NY Knicks are going to put on the floor next year. Assuming Zach Randolph stays out of trouble, and that's a big stretch.

I really used to love the NBA. Not as much as NCAA basketball, but it was a natural extension of the college game for me. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, the Bad Boys of Detroit, Bernie and Ernie at the Garden, Dominique flying way above the rim in Atlanta...all that shit. It was great!

Now, the Knicks, Lakers and Celtics are a running joke. Kobe claims he is going to sit out a year if LA doesn't trade him. Isiah Thomas (despite his fairly good draft yesterday) continues to make awful trade after awful trade. And Danny Ainge...geesh! What the hell is that guy doing to the once glorious Celtics? The #5 pick, Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak (try spell-checking that) for Ray Allen? A 32-year old shooter with bad ankles who doesn't play defense? I don't get it.

Anyway...just venting.

Jun 27, 2007

My girlfriend is a rock star!

Had the best time last nite.

Gia sang onstage as part of the ensemble rock gig, The Paper Bag. Kinda hard to describe what it is, so if you are interested just click on the link. But I will do my best to give it justice.

The Paper Bag has been going on for 30 years now. It is an old-fashioned rock show that includes a rotating mix of over 60 local musicians. Some are professionals, some are amateurs, but they all can bring it come showtime. They set a play-list based on that year's theme and they pack out whatever room they are playing in with fans of the gig.

It was tremendous fun, and very tiring. They didn't get going until 10PM and they were still cranking when we left at 3:30ish AM. Their motto is "we strongly urge you to take the next day off", which is exactly what we did. We slept until well after Noon today. Nice!

Gia sang and looked fantastic! I'm so proud of her. She rocks!

Jun 25, 2007


I know that we are a few years behind everyone else in the know, but Gia and I have just fallen in lust with Amy Winehouse.

Love that Rehab song. No, no, no!

Note - Upon looking at pics of her on Google, I have to say that I liked her better back in 2004 when she had some meat on her bones. Why, oh why do curvy girls with nice boobs want to look like 12-year old boys?

Jun 22, 2007

Mermaids, Montauk and Mayhem

Just a couple of things on this wonderful Summer (yes...it's finally truly Summer as of yesterday) day.

Gia and I are headed to Coney Island tomorrow to check out the 25th Annual Mermaid Parade. It's a chance for folks to get their freak-on with their, uh, aquatic side. I guess.

I'm going for the hotties dressed up like Ariel. Er, damn! Forgot that Gia reads this shit. Oh well.

The parade itself is an homage to a long-forgotten Mardi Gras celebration that occurred in Coney Island from 1903-1954. Who knew? After the parade, we are going to wander over to the Mermaid Parade Ball where there will be a host of interesting music and burlesque acts. Sounds like a blast.

We are spending the night in NYC where we may check out the NYC Pride Parade on Sunday afternoon. Because we don't have enough wacky gay stories in our life right now.

We don't have much going on next weekend besides the potential mayhem of a summer party at a friend's house. The mayhem is only potential at this point, but my buddy does keep a ridiculous stock of great booze at his place...so it's out there.

Then we are headed to Montauk for the 4th of July. Well, actually the 5th. We are going to spend the 4th at home where we have a great view of an incredible Grucci fireworks display that evening. Then to Montauk for 3 days with a whole shitload of my family and assorted friends.

If you have never been to Montauk, lemme 'splain. It's this cool, little surfer village on the extreme East End of Long Island. None (or very little) of the attitude that permeates the Hamptons, which we have to unfortunately drive through to get there. Cool restaurants and breakfast joints (my favorite) and some low-key to wacky nightlife thrown in to boot. But really, you go for the beaches, the surf and the Sun. I'll be packing my SPF 9000 for the trip.

White boy burns, yo!

Jun 11, 2007

Do cats dream of world domination?

There is a picture of the elusive Syd, passed out on the bed. Obviously dreaming of important things.

It reminded me of a great issue of Sandman, a comic-book written by Neil Gaiman. The series was about a family of eldritch, god-like beings called The Endless, but the main focus was on Morpheus, or Dream, who controlled the Dreaming. The series had a real beginning and end to it with most of the issues following along that plot line, but occasionally he would do an issue that seemingly had nothing to do with the rest of the series. Other than the subject matter of dreams, that is.

This particular issue was called "A Dream of 1000 Cats". In it, a prophetic cat told the tale of how cats came to be the pets of humans. You see, in ancient times, large cats were the dominant species on the planet, and humans were very small and they served the god-like cats.

Until one day when a human convinced 1000 other humans that if they dreamed that they were the dominant species and that cats were merely pets, then reality would be changed forever and history would be changed as well. Changed, that is, until 1000 cats would have the opposite dream, changing reality back to the way it was in ancient times.

So this prophetic cat travelled from place to place in an attempt to convince the cats of the world to dream of such a world, and if 1000 had the same dream then they would become dominant once again.

One cat in attendance dismissed the notion, because whoever heard of 1000 cats doing anything alike at the same time. Yet one young kitten took the story to heart.

That night, while she was sleeping, her owners came upon her and commented "Awww...isn't she cute when she sleeping? I wonder what cats dream of?"

Great story! And watch out for those tabbys. They will stop at nothing until they rule the world once more!

Jun 9, 2007

Vacation pics

Just a quick post of some pics we took in Key West.

Here are a couple of Tortuga tortoises that live in the gardens of the hotel we stayed at. It's spring-time and they were feeling kinda amorous. Very loudly, too!

This was the view from our bedroom at the hotel. We had a wrap-around deck and lovely views of the gardens and the hotel pool. We hardly used it, though. It was too hot to hang outside.

Here is a shot of our bedroom. I love the big, slow-moving fans, and the ultra-king sized bed is a must for Gia and I. We prefer to be as far away from each other as possible when sleeping. I snore. Great for rolling around in too. Rowr!

This was neat. Our own sauna attached to the bathroom. I used it too! Something I really never do on vacation. Pamper myself. I was sweating like a whore in Church after a half-hour in here.
Finally, this was a picture hanging over Gia's shoulder at Pepe's Restaurant. We were having breakfast there one morning and I didn't see it until half-way through the meal. It was too funny to pass up, and it sums up how we felt once the vacation was over. You made kitty scared!

Jun 6, 2007

100th post, I think?

Dunno if Blogger doesn't know how to count, because according to my calculations...this is my 100th post. 56 from last year, 43 from this year (before this post) adds up to 99 in my book. Yet on my dashboard, they already show that I have 100 posts (once again, before this post).

100, 101...whatever it is, here I am. Still without much to say.

Just got back from our trip. Key West was, once again, magnificent. We had rain on Friday night due to a tropical storm, but the weather cleared up on Saturday AM and it was fantastic for the rest of our stay. Real hot and sunny! I got burned like a lobster on Saturday while we were swimming in the pool. Stupid.

Well, I managed to keep some things a surprise for Gia. I didn't tell her where we were staying, but when the cab pulled up to the house we had rented we had 10 of our friends already down there on the deck waiting for us. She was shocked! 10 really awesome friends, too. We had the best time hanging out with them all weekend. Drinking, sunning, eating, dancing. We did it all and we had a blast doing it.

It was also Gay Pride week down there, so we were real excited for one of our friends who just came out to her folks on Thursday night. She and her folks were part of the other crew that were down there partying for us. Too bad we couldn't find any single ladies for her while we were down there. The weekend and beginning of the week were mostly for the guys.

The rest of the revelers left on Monday afternoon, while Gia and I stayed an additional day. First we had lunch here, and it was awesome! Then we checked in to our hotel as shown here, and it was fucking fantastic. We stayed in the Master Suite, and it was decadent. Our room had a separate living area, two bathrooms, an incredible wraparound deck overlooking the pool and gardens, an enormous king-sized bed, a whirlpool bath and our own sauna! It was ridiculous!

We just lounged in the hotel all day long, enjoying the various amenities. Then we went for dinner here, where we met the nicest waiter (with the most hysterical Gay Pride story...another time, folks...another time) and had a fantastic meal overlooking the ocean.

All in all, one of the best trips I have ever taken in my life.

It really sucks to be home. :(

Tomorrow: I'll post some pics and fill in some of the wackier moments of our trip. May take a few days.