Jun 6, 2007

100th post, I think?

Dunno if Blogger doesn't know how to count, because according to my calculations...this is my 100th post. 56 from last year, 43 from this year (before this post) adds up to 99 in my book. Yet on my dashboard, they already show that I have 100 posts (once again, before this post).

100, 101...whatever it is, here I am. Still without much to say.

Just got back from our trip. Key West was, once again, magnificent. We had rain on Friday night due to a tropical storm, but the weather cleared up on Saturday AM and it was fantastic for the rest of our stay. Real hot and sunny! I got burned like a lobster on Saturday while we were swimming in the pool. Stupid.

Well, I managed to keep some things a surprise for Gia. I didn't tell her where we were staying, but when the cab pulled up to the house we had rented we had 10 of our friends already down there on the deck waiting for us. She was shocked! 10 really awesome friends, too. We had the best time hanging out with them all weekend. Drinking, sunning, eating, dancing. We did it all and we had a blast doing it.

It was also Gay Pride week down there, so we were real excited for one of our friends who just came out to her folks on Thursday night. She and her folks were part of the other crew that were down there partying for us. Too bad we couldn't find any single ladies for her while we were down there. The weekend and beginning of the week were mostly for the guys.

The rest of the revelers left on Monday afternoon, while Gia and I stayed an additional day. First we had lunch here, and it was awesome! Then we checked in to our hotel as shown here, and it was fucking fantastic. We stayed in the Master Suite, and it was decadent. Our room had a separate living area, two bathrooms, an incredible wraparound deck overlooking the pool and gardens, an enormous king-sized bed, a whirlpool bath and our own sauna! It was ridiculous!

We just lounged in the hotel all day long, enjoying the various amenities. Then we went for dinner here, where we met the nicest waiter (with the most hysterical Gay Pride story...another time, folks...another time) and had a fantastic meal overlooking the ocean.

All in all, one of the best trips I have ever taken in my life.

It really sucks to be home. :(

Tomorrow: I'll post some pics and fill in some of the wackier moments of our trip. May take a few days.


badgerdaddy said...

Earl, I have a proposition for you - I already sounded out the (ill) Slyde. I can't see an email address on here though, so I can't mail you about it! Either mail me on the address on my blogger profile or get my 'normal' email address from Slyde so's I can ask ya!

Mermaid Melanie said...

spoiled brat! :giggles:

I am so glad you got a chance to relax and enjoy yourselves on vacation. I am totally jealous.


Knitty Yas said...

man i need a vacation.

dude. email me. whattacrock@gmail.com


Verdant Earl said...

Badger - will do.

Mel - Brat, yes. Spoiled, no.

Yas - will do.