Jun 9, 2007

Vacation pics

Just a quick post of some pics we took in Key West.

Here are a couple of Tortuga tortoises that live in the gardens of the hotel we stayed at. It's spring-time and they were feeling kinda amorous. Very loudly, too!

This was the view from our bedroom at the hotel. We had a wrap-around deck and lovely views of the gardens and the hotel pool. We hardly used it, though. It was too hot to hang outside.

Here is a shot of our bedroom. I love the big, slow-moving fans, and the ultra-king sized bed is a must for Gia and I. We prefer to be as far away from each other as possible when sleeping. I snore. Great for rolling around in too. Rowr!

This was neat. Our own sauna attached to the bathroom. I used it too! Something I really never do on vacation. Pamper myself. I was sweating like a whore in Church after a half-hour in here.
Finally, this was a picture hanging over Gia's shoulder at Pepe's Restaurant. We were having breakfast there one morning and I didn't see it until half-way through the meal. It was too funny to pass up, and it sums up how we felt once the vacation was over. You made kitty scared!


madge said...

Looks beautiful! I always forget I live so close...I want to plan a trip down there soon!

Verdant Earl said...

You should. So much fun.

Angry Empanada said...

lol @ the whore in church comment! hahahaahahahaa dork.

and hahahahahaa at the kitty pic. what the hell kinda restaurant puts that on their walls!?

Mermaid Melanie said...

mmmmm a spa, a really cold shower, then sleeping nekkid in a big comfy bed. I am so jealous!

that kitty scares me. attack cats!