Sep 30, 2013

31 in 31: One more day

OK, are you all ready for 31 crappy horror film reviews in 31 days? I know I'm not.

Actually, I've already reviewed a handful and have those posts scheduled already. Had to do it because I'm heading down South for vacation in a couple of weeks and I probably won't be watching much horror that week. I'll be creating my own horror. Earl vs. his liver in a fight to the finish! Ahem...

Anyway, come back tomorrow and every day in October and expect to be underwhelmed.

Sep 25, 2013

Don't call it comeback

I've been inspired by Stacie Ponder's (Final Girl) Ali-like return to the ring to start blogging on the reg once again. And I'm going to fall back on that old chestnut to get me going. Movie reviews.

So, for the month of October, I'll be reviewing 31...COUNT THEM...31 horror films that I have never seen before. This is an under-taking from the gods themselves. The elder gods. The ones who require blood sacrifices and virgins and lotions...or something.

So grab your socks and your cocker spaniels, and get prepared for a full month of insane mediocrity.

I'm back, baby. And this time it's gonna hurt. me a favor. Leave me some suggestions in the comments section if you have 'em. Thanks a bunch, creepos.