Nov 18, 2013


Following Dave's lead, I'm jumping on the "Things You Don't Know About Me" meme thingy. And, as Dave did, I'm making no promises that I'm not repeating anything I've shared here before. Because I've been doing this for around eight years now and I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday. So here goes:
  1. I seriously considered a career in the military when I was younger. Seems like a total disconnect to the neo-hippie persona that I foster nowadays, especially my disdain of guns. But I was "this close" to signing up for a career in the Navy when I was in High School. Like scary close. My dad was a Navy guy, but not a lifer. I just had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Even did a year of ROTC (Reserve Officer's Training Corps) once I got to college. Backed out right at the point where I was going to have to sign on. I'm sure I made the right choices, but I always wonder were that other path would've led. 
  2. All that being said, military funerals really affect me. Went to one last Friday for a gentlemen that I didn't even know served. Turns out he was a WWII vet, although I don't think he ever saw combat. It all ended while he was still in training, I believe. My father had a military funeral as well. He was in the Navy on a carrier during the Korean War, but he never saw any direct combat either. Good. Kinda ensured that I would be here to fill out this silly meme, ya know?
  3. School and I didn't mix well. I was an awful student even though I managed to get decent grades. If I just applied myself, it would have been a much more awarding exercise. But I knew it wasn't for me. Several years out of college, a friend got me to help her study for the GMATs, which was the test you needed to take at that time to get into Graduate School for your Master's Degree. I helped her out and wound up taking the test with her. Which led me to take several courses at a local university for my MBA. But I felt like I got nothing out of it, so I never finished my degree. Again, I think I made the right choice, but I still wonder.
  4. That disdain for schooling translated in an related inability to teach things to people. It's why I was an awful boss for so many years. I struggled with understanding why my subordinates couldn't just "do the job" without me spending what seemed to be endless time teaching them the job. And when I get frustrated with people for not understanding things that came easily to me, I took it out on them and wound up doing triple the work myself. I probably would be better at it now, but I'm no longer a corporate drone. I hope I would be better at it now.
  5. That friend I helped with the GMATs also wanted me to take scuba lessons with her. We had a modest flirtation that never went anywhere, couldn't go anywhere for many reasons. But she knew I had/have this phobia of the ocean, so she signed us up. On the day of the first lesson, I bailed. Just didn't want to do it. So she goes and is "buddied up" with some guy who was there alone as well. They become involved, he ruins her life and then they get married. Yeah, I got the order correct there. She STILL married him after he fucked her over badly. The pattern continues. I don't regret not going on with the scuba lessons myself, but I often wonder how different HER life would have been. But since I have no idea how her life is now, I try not to think about it all that often.
  6. I like to think about traveling more than I like the actual experience itself. Don't get me wrong, I like being in interesting places that I've never been before. But the process of getting from point A to point B at any given time is something I've come to despise. So much so that it definitely affects my desire to experience new places and things. Maybe I'm just bitter that personal transporter devices haven't been invented yet. Yup...definitely bitter. 
  7. In my heart, I've always wised that I worked with my hands for a living rather than pushing a pencil or tapping on a keyboard. I'm not handy around the house at all, but I occasionally break down and get something done on my own. A ceiling fan installed, a light fixture replaced (kind of the same thing), some minor plumbing. And when I do those things, I feel more pride than anything I've done for my actual job all week long. It's not something I can really change. I've tried some wood-working and metal-working in the past, but I just don't have it in me.
  8. There are, however, several things I can do better than anyone else I've ever met. I'll just leave it at that.
  9. I have no idea how many things I should come up with for this list.
  10. I turned 47 today. But some of you already knew that. :)