Apr 29, 2015

How could you not?

Hey, kids!

Thought about dusting off the old Verdant Dude (the site, not the actually dude behind the Dude) for a while now. But I haven't really had anything to ramble about. Still don't, but that's not gonna stop me.

So my woman has her celebrity crushes. I have mine as well, so I don't hold it against her. Michael Shannon and Tom Hardy are her latest two guys. I introduced her to the latter, and definitely had a part in her fascination with the former. So I'm a part of this, whether I like it or not.

We received a promo copy of some celeb magazine in the mail yesterday that featured a cover photo of Tom Hardy in the re-boot of the Mad Max series. Normally I move these crap mags directly from the mail box to our garbage bin, but since it was one of Gia's crushes I brought it in for her. When she got home from her latest gig, it was waiting for her on her desk.

Gia: "Wait...what? Tom Hardy? He looks great! Why is he on the cover of this magazine? Why do we have it?"

She blathers on.

I explain why he's on the cover.

Me: "He's Max Rockatansky, from the new Mad Max film...you know that?"
Gia: "That's right! Wait...what's his last name? Rocka..what? How could you know that?"
Me: "How could you not?"

That's something that goes on a lot in our life. A lot. We are the same age. Graduated from High School the same year. Graduated from college...roughly the same year. Lived through this world at just about the exact same time in roughly the same place. Long Island.

Yet we have vastly different experiences in that same time and place. Music, films, friends, North Shore vs South Shore...all that crap. When I don't know something that she knows...the question is always the same. How could you not? Same goes for the stuff I'm aware of that she isn't. How could you not?

The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2 for you fucking foreigners) and it's predecessor where HUGE movies in my circle. I'm guessing not so much with Gia and her crowd. So me knowing the character's last name is nearly equivalent to knowing my own. I don't even think about it. It's there. Yet looking at that conversation from outside my self...yeah, I guess it's weird that I know that. I dunno.

Don't know why I find this whole thing amusing, but I do.

How could you not?