Feb 12, 2007

A Million Chimps

I've never really been much of a music snob. I like all kinds of stuff, and I think that is pretty well reflected on what I've put on my iPod. A little country, a little hard-core, some ska, some pop stuff, a bit 'o the blues...lots of genres.

I don't really know everything about any one artist or kind of music like some people do. As much of a Parrothead that I am, my buddy can destroy me in a game of Jimmy Buffett song/album trivia. And I'm pretty well versed in most of the punk bands that were popular in the early-mid 90's, but an expert by no means.

I guess I like to think of myself as eclectic when it comes to music.

That being said, my sister took a look at what I have been listening to recently on my iPod and she said something to the effect that a million chimps banging away on a million iPods with all the songs in the world at their disposal would never come up with the playlist of stuff that I listen to.

You decide. Here are the last ten songs off a random playlist from my collection:

1. Lived in Bars - Cat Power
2. Midnight on the Murder Mile - Carter USM
3. Cowboy Coffee - The Mighty, Mighty BossTones
4. Ruby Soho - Rancid
5. Across 110th Street - Bobby Womack
6. Overkill (acoustic) - Colin Hay
7. Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger
8. Asleep at the Bar - Easy Big Fella
9. Oh! You Pretty Things - David Bowie
10. Bella's Birthday Cake - Five for Fighting

Nothing really weird or obscure on that list. OK, Carter USM (the Unstoppable Sex Machine) was a band I was into back in the early 90's and Easy Big Fella is a band that I only have heard on a Ska compilation album about drinking.

But the rest of the stuff is pretty mainstream.

What are you listening to?


Kat said...

I'm old school. My play list is the random selection after I pick 3 discs to put in the player.

Slyde said...

i'm sorry earl, but you ARE a music snob.... back in the day, you routinely scoffed at what i used to listen to, and would constantly confound me with all these bands that i SHOULD be listening to, but never heard of....

don't you drink your tea with your little pinky raised at ME, young man!

Verdant Earl said...

Kat - Nothing wrong with rocking out OLD SCHOOL style!

Slyde - There is a difference between being a snob and making fun of someone for listening to Whitesnake and Journey. I'm much more of the latter rather than the former.

Knitty Yas said...

okay i only recognized about 5 on that list. and arent the mighty mighty bosstones awesome?

but it doesn't mean there arent others like you. hell, Passion of the Dale (another blogger) has some shit on his playlists that make my eyes cross with confusion. heheh

Verdant Earl said...

Love the Bosstones. Had a brief conversation with Dicky Barrett (sp?) after one of their shows.

Great band from days gone by.

Kat said...

Slyde. Whitesnake and Journey? That's bad.

madge said...

You left Shakira off your list!

Tsk, tsk.

Are you enjoying any particular XM Radio stations?

badgerdaddy said...

The Shins' Chutes Too Narrow was on the iPod today. Fab album. Haven't got the new one yet though.

Slyde said...

i WILL admit to thinking at one point in my life that WHitesnake was ths shizznit, but i have always, ALWAYS hated journey with a passion...

Verdant Earl said...

Madge - We like the XM station Lucy alot, but we mostly channel surf.

badger - Love the Shins!

Slyde - yeah right. You love Journey and all that 80's hair that comes with them.

madge said...

I love Lucy too!