Oct 15, 2007

I wanted to be the first to find a Golden Ticket, Daddy.

Oooooh, I so want one of these.

I was perusing The Green Parrot blog the other day when I saw a story about a musician named Corey Harris. He's fronts a wonderful blues/reggae band and we were lucky enough to see him perform at the Parrot last December. Great show.

Well, he was recently named as one of the 24 recipients of this year's MacArthur Fellowships. What, pray tell, is a MacArthur Fellowship? It's an award of $500,000 granted to a US citizen or resident of any age and working in any field who "show exceptional merit and promise for continued and enhanced creative work." It's not awarded for an individual's previous body of work, but rather as an investment in the future development of creativity in their given fields.

Past winners have been from occupations all over the map. Writers, filmmakers, geneticists, historians, lawyers, artists, poets, astrophysicists, choreographers, educators, mathematicians, etc... There was even one dude who won this who was a light sculptor. What the fuck is a light sculptor? Wait...wait. There was another dude who won for his work as a sound sculptor! C'mon! They have to be making this shit up, right?

This "genius grant" deal, as it is often called, seems like a pretty good gig. I'm just shocked that a crazy Rasta dude in shorts who plays at the Green Parrot can get in on the act. Great for him!

But now I want one. First I need to do something creative. How about blog sculpture or something? Who's to say that someone on their anonymous panel doesn't find what I do here to be absolutely brilliant. There's no accounting for taste, really.


Slyde said...

You could always send in the picture of you dressed as Gandalf to the comission... im sure you would be a shoe-in.

Mermaid Melanie said...

get in line buddy. now that I know about it, its a new goal!

*pushes her way to the front of the line*

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - I was simply a wizard, not Gandalf necessarily.

Mel - No cutting!

jiggs said...

I know someone who has one of these grants. that's right. I'm namedropping.

Kat said...

Performance art always wins. Just continuously guzzle beer and pee yourself in a corner of a white room.

Verdant Earl said...

Jiggs - Did he/she use their winnings to further their own creativity, or did they just blow it on booze and whores? Not that I am making any judgements.

Kat - Been there, done that, didn't win shit!

Mermaid Melanie said...

isn't blowing it on booze and whores continuing creative endeavors, since all great art comes from extreme suffering? :HAAAAaaahahahhaaaa: