Sep 27, 2011

So exciting!

So the Yankees lost to the Tampa Bay Rays last night.  Which would normally make me sad.  But the Red Sox also lost to Baltimore, which means that the Rays and the Sawx are now tied for the AL Wild Card spot with two days left in the season.

So exciting!

I was taking to a Boston fan the other day, and he mocked my joy over Boston's epic free-fall in the standings this month of September. He said that if I were honest with myself, the only reason I am happy is that I'm scared for my Yankees to face his Red Sox in the post-season.


If there is any team in baseball I would want the Yankees to face in the postseason, it's the team that has shitting the bed in every possible situation when it counted most. And the Rays, with their awesome young starting pitching and the most creative manager in baseball?  Nah...I wouldn't wish facing them in the playoffs on my worst enemy.

The only reason I am so happy watching the Red Sox flail about so pathetically is that I hate the Red Sox. That's it. Simple. And to see this team that was built to steamroll the rest of the league struggle is something that is putting a huge smile on my face.

Hey, they still might make the playoffs. I actually think that they will do just that.  But this September has to be a horrorshow for the team and their fans.  And call me evil...but I dig that.

PS - A similar collapse by the Atlanta Braves is happening right now as well. They lost to Philadelphia on Monday night, and St. Louis is tied with Houston right now as I type this. So there could well be a tie for the NL Wild Card with two games to go as well. This is nut!  And so much fun!  Un-fun update: Houston wound up beating the Cards in extra innings. So the Cards are still a game back from the Braves with two games to go.


sybil law said...

Damn. I am SO behind in baseball right now!! In my defense, the picture on our tv has apparently died. Like, last night. I was confused and thought it was the cable. On second thought, maybe it isn't the cable, because the guide comes up fine.
Dammit! I wish my husband was up. I am way too tired to figure this shit out right now!
Uh, carry on...

RW said...

Since we just lost Ozzie (I'm not too happy about that btw - he was one of the more honest people in baseball) and the Pale Hose went into hibernation SIX MONTHS AGO I've decided that when I see the final teams involved in the full playoffs I am going to check their payrolls and root for the team with the lowest one. Yes I have been infected by Beaneism... and?

Slyde said...


Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - Sorry to hear about that. I don't think my brain could've handled not watching baseball all night long last night. It was...glorious.

RW - I think Ozzie is a loss for Chicago as well. I guess he and Ken Williams don't get along. I wonder who they'll get back in the "trade". I root for whichever team has the lowest payroll in the playoffs too. Unless the Yankees are involved. I'm a contradiction. And don't you think for a moment that Billy Beane is all about spending less money than the other guys. He was forced to spend less money by ownership and he had to get creative. If he were GM of the Yankees or Red Sox, he would be spending willy-nilly. But in terms of that, the Rays are who you should be rooting for. They started the season with $42million in contracts. Compare that to the $67million Beane's A's have. Or, ahem, the $207million the Yanks have. If the Rays don't make the playoffs, then the Diamondbacks are your team with a $56.5million payroll. THAT'S a surprising playoff team. Kirk Gibson deserves manager of the year.

hello haha narf said...

blah, blah...not talking about anyone wearing black and gold...blah

Verdant Earl said...

Becky - why would we? We are talking playoff possibilities. The Bucs haven't been to the playoffs since Bonds left town. Even though they flirted with it earlier this year before showing their true black and gold colors. But they have young talent and a good GM. I think they are a couple of years away from returning to the playoffs. Maybe even next year. The NL Central is no great shakes. And the Brewers might lose Prince and the Cards might lose Pujols. There are games to be won.
Maybe two years away. Milwaukee is still going to be might good next year too even without Prince.