May 8, 2013


Hey, kids? How's life?

So I made it. One whole month without blogging. It was rough, at times. I'd get that late night itch to tell y'all about some movie I just watched or some meal that I had just prepared. But I stuck to my guns and kept my vow of not blogging for an entire month. Phew! I did it!

Ah, I'm just fucking with ya. There was no vow or even a tiny wish to cut back on posting here. Just fucking happened. As it does from time to time for all of us. No excuses, no reasons. It just happens sometimes.  So I thought I'd just open up a post window and start rambling. Just in case any of you missed me. Yeah, right.
I think I'd like an even more anonymous platform than this blog or my Twitter account to spew some hatred out at the void. Nothing specific. I just find that there are times when I want to shout out my demons to the world, only to be held back by the judgment of my better angels. A totally anonymous place to do that would be like a tree falling in the middle of the forest. If no one knew about it, would it really happen? Would it make me feel any better in that moment?
Saw the third Iron Man flick with my gal-pal Slyde. And I'm already placing it at the very top of my superhero movie pantheon. The origin story in the first film was fantastic, but I was deeply unsatisfied with Jeff Bridges as the Big Bad. The second film had all kinds of problems, and Mickey Rourke should have been much more interesting that he actually was. But this third film, while not perfect, really worked for me. Even Gwyneth Paltrow didn't bother me. Yay for Marvel. Two thumbs up.
Our diet or "life change of eating habits" has regressed a bit. Put back on a few of those pounds that I lost over the winter. Still eating MUCH healthier than we had been, but we haven't been sticking to the plan as much as we want. I'm finding that my biggest addiction isn't bourbon, baseball or beautiful women. It's snacking on chips. The easiest answer is to not have them in the house. Sure, tell that to my reptile brain when I'm food shopping and those things just jump into my cart. I'm a weak man.
It's a wet and stormy day out there today. Lots of rain and thunder and lightning. Got to tell you...I kinda enjoy a day like this every now and again. Eddie Rabbit understands. I just want to sit outside under our deck and watch the weather porn while sipping on whiskey. So there's that.
Speaking of whiskey, I had a little Twitter discussion yesterday or the day before about the current fad of white dog whiskey that I've been enjoying. For those not in the know, that's un-aged whiskey. Usually bourbon. Since it spends no time in the barrel, it retains it's clear white color. It's also, generally, a bit harsher. I've enjoyed Jacob's Ghost from Jim Beam along with several local artisan brands. But what bugs me about this fad is that many distillers are charging more for their un-aged product than for the regular aged stuff. That makes zero logical sense to me. It should be cheaper. MUCH cheaper. Jack Daniels released an un-aged white rye. I didn't even know they made a regular rye. Someone tweeted a pic of it with a price tag exceeding $50. That's ridiculous. It's inflating the cost to cash in on the fad. Knowledgeable whiskey drinkers should know better. Shame on JD.
I'm a restless sleeper, usually. Always tossing and turning. But some nights I just crash hard and find myself waking up in exactly the same position that I fell asleep in. I usually feel pretty good about it. But sometimes I fall asleep on my left side, and I sleep with a pillow corner or something pressed against my left eye. That means almost a full morning of blurry vision out of that eye the next day. Does this happen to anyone else, or am I just a sleep retard?
Yeah, no apologies for the retard comment in that last rambling. Sorry if you were offended, just not sorry I made the comment.
I don't know if you are a fan of Marc Maron, but he's got a new show on IFC and it's the tits. It's basically an autobiographical show about his life. Derp, that's the definition of an autobiography, right? Sometimes I amaze myself at the things that I type/say. But these are ramblings, and I'm not going back to change anything. Back to Mr. Maron. We've only seen one show, but it was just our speed. Sarcastic, angry guy with a lot of cats. Sound like anyone you know?

OK, get outta here and be useful or something. Cheers!


Slyde said...

the more i think about Iron man 3, the LESS i liked it.

There was a great article on Yahoo the other day about how comic book nerds are pissed about what they did to the Mandarin, and after reading it, i realized that they summed up what bothered me about the movie and amplified it in my mind.

plus, the exclusion of a good super-villian (like a joker, etc) really takes away something from movies like this for me.

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - I only read the Iron Man books for a year or so when I was a kid. And Mandarin wasn't a big villain at that time. So I have no problem with what the film did. Liked it, actually.

Slyde said...

i never liked the character, but he IS big. He is iron man's arch villian.

Verdant Earl said...

Well, I have a feeling that this isn't the last we have seen of "The Mandarin" in the Iron Man/Avengers films. Remember, the terrorist organization "The Ten Rings" was mentioned in the first two Iron Man films.

Slyde said...

yeah, thats because that middle eastern dude in the first movie was SUPPOSED to be the Mandarin in Iron Man 2. Then they scrapped that plan and shit the bed with the 2nd film.

savannah said...

i'm gonna see iron man 3 just because...xoxoxoxo

(dude, i've started a 365 blogging challenge! i'm on day 42, i think.)

(i might not make it)

Verdant Earl said...

Savannah - I've been reading every day (if not commenting). I'm impressed!

Poppy said...

Haven't lost a GD pound but have been eating many more fruits and vegetables, oatmeal for breakfast, chicken as my main meat choice, and water as much as possible (much less on the caffeinated beverages overall). I'm going to add more walking into the "diet" soon.

Oh, right, this is your blog. Go, you! And I don't know what to tell you about the sleeping on your eye thing.

RW said...

Lost 30 pounds with weight watchers and hit my target. You may kiss the ring...

Mrs. Hall said...

RW!! I'm on ww too!! didn't lose a whole lot yet, was still nursing the wee one and you get like 10 extra mandatory points to keep that up.

but now that that's done (sniff sniff), i'm losing about 3lbs a week.

BEEARL: good to see you posting again. :)

Verdant Earl said...

Poppy - the walking is important. Been meaning to do more of that myself.

RW - Gooooooaaaaaaalllll!!!!! Well done, sir!

Holly - Nice to see you too. :)