Sep 17, 2014

31 Days Redux?

Hey kids!

So last year I did this silly blogging experiment/thing. I watched and reviewed 31 new (to me) horror films in the 31 days of October. 31 blog posts in 31 days. It was an ambitious blogging enterprise, but I somehow pulled it off.

Wanna know the full extant of my blogging activity since last October?

Five posts. Five fucking posts. Five mother-fucking posts.

I officially a blogger.

But I'm thinking of doing it once more this year. For two reasons.
  1. I kinda wanna start blogging again. And this might kick-start that effort. Although, apparently, it didn't work for me last year.
  2. I really fucking love horror movies. Even bad ones. ESPECIALLY bad ones.
So this is where you come in. If I get at least five yes votes for doing this again this year, I will. But if you are in with me now with your vote, then you had better be with me for the entire month of October. Because I'm not doing this for my health, people.

The Blogger Formerly Known as B.E.Earl


SK Waller said...

I'm not into horror movies, but I've missed your blog, so go for it!

MARTIN said...

It was for this reason that I discovered your blog as I, too was undertaking something similar during October (and will be again). I say YES.

Bruce Johnson said...

Blog it....Blog It....Do It, Do It!

Bruce Johnson said...

Speaking of which, I have a total of 2 followers on my blog these days. Times certainly have changed.

Verdant Earl said...

SK (still wanna call you Steph) - I'll count that as a yes! ;

Martin - Thanks, man. I remember you commenting last year.

Bruce - You have a new blog? I'll check it out! I do follow you on Twitter now.

SK Waller said...

You can call me Steph. Many people do!

Maire said...

If you write 'em, I'll read 'em.

savannah said...

Ok! ;) xoxo