Sep 5, 2006


Was talking to a friend of mine a while back about Keith Moon, former drummer of The Who. Moon died back in 1978 (when I was just a wee lad), and we were discussing the facts surrounding his death.

I had always thought that Moon died in an alchohol-fueled bender that ended with him choking on his own vomit. Don't know where I first heard this, but I thought that was the story. In actuality, Moon was seriously trying to quit booze and he accidentally overdosed on the very drug, Chlormethiazole, that was supposed to wean him off the stuff.

The story goes that Moon would take the drug, pass out, and then forget that he had taken it. Thus the accidental overdose.

Some weird stuff regarding what Moon was doing and where he died:
  • Moon and his girlfriend attended the premiere of The Buddy Holly Story (about a rock star who died too young) with Paul and Linda McCartney the night before his death. After having dinner with the McCartneys, they left the party early and stayed at a flat owned by a friend, Harry Nilsson.
  • Not only did Moon die in this flat, but so did legendary singer "Mama" Cass Elliot a few years earlier. Mama Cass even died in the same bed (!!!) that Moon died in.
  • Nilsson was so upset at the loss of his two friends in his flat that he sold Pete Townshend!
  • Moon's alleged last words were "If you don't like it, you can just fuck off!" to his girlfriend after he asked her to make steak and eggs for breakfast.

I like Moon's last words, but my all time favorite last words were said by esteemed actor Oliver Reed (who performed in the film version of The Who's Tommy, and was a close friend of Moon). When asked if he had any regrets about his life on his deathbed (or so the story goes), Reed responded with "My only regret is that I didn't drink every pub dry and sleep with every woman on the planet."

Man after my own heart!


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Verdant Earl said...

Finally...I gotta harumph outta dat guy!

Kat said...

You know, I really think you'd dig this Canadian radio broadcast called The Ongoing History of New Music.
You can listen here:

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ok try this.

Verdant Earl said...

Thanks...I'll give 'er a go!

elizabeth said...

what's with the HARUMPH!!

Verdant Earl said...

It's from Blazing Saddles.

Check it out, Lizzie!

Anonymous said...

only the best comedy EVER!

"Somebody better go back to camp and get a SHITLOAD of dimes!"

elizabeth said...

Okay. Maybe Friday - what say you Kat?

I was going to say "But how did Anonymous know?" - but then you might think I meant it. So I didn't. But I was going to. Just so's you know...

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Consider it done! wink wink.

badgerdaddy said...

I once sexed up a lay-dee that had peed on Keith Moon... My greatest claim to fame? Possibly.

It's not a long story, but it's innocent though - her father was a record producer, and Moon, Townshend and the Daultmeister used to go round to his gaff. Moon gave her horsey rides as she was just a nipper, one day she got all over excited and weed her pants... All over his back!