Nov 18, 2006






elizabeth said...

OOH. That IS old. Now you can be a dirty OLD man. Cool, huh? I kid. (compared to you anyways) hahahahahaha

Happy Birthday Earl!

Kat said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fellow Scorpion :o)!!!!
Wow. You and slyde really are a whole decade older huh? And you...almost to the day ;o) Hope you celebrated properly.

Verdant Earl said...

'Twas fantastic. Went out to the North Fork with Gia to a town called Greenport.

Stayed at a great little place right on the LI Sound and ate an incredible dinner at a restaurant that a friend of mine opened up this past summer.

I'm a little wiped because we just got home. Spent the day today shopping for pies and cheeses....Nice!

Spinning Girl said...

Oh Happy Happy Birthday!

Pretty impressed you got "Curt" in my quiz. :)

Anonymous said...

cool! Now we are in whole different age brackets again.

You just never undersood me, grandpa! It's the generation gap!

kat: how dare you. I am barely 38... Earl is OLDDDDDDD>..

Mermaid Melanie said...

happy anniversary ofyour ejection onto the planet! As long as the parts are still in working order, who cares what number is associated with them!

sounds like you had a great time! HBDTY!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all!

Verdant Earl said...


Anonymous said...

by the way happy birthday. :D i would have sent you this funny birthday card where this guy goes to get his butt waxed and the lady pulls the strip off and the guy screams and she's like see? it wasnt that bad, and the strip had his junk attached to it... torn off him. lol

"Go to hell you old bastard" ~The Ramones on Mr. Burns' birthday.

Anonymous said...

birtday? i apologize for that one. i meant BIRTHDAY.

its just that spell check is for suckas. :p