Nov 20, 2006

The Biscotti

Hey y'all! This little girl's name to the right is Sammi. She is one of our cats...adorable ain't she?

She got her name because of her messed up left eye. Don't know if you can see it in the picture because I took it with my cell phone camera, but she fought down a raccoon or something when she was a bitty kitten and it healed up a bit glassy.

Hence, Sammi Davis Jr. There's that Gia humor again.

I've been messing with her name since I've met her. It's a long story, but it has gone from Sammi Biscuit to The Biscuit and now to The Biscotti. She answers to all of them.

Oh yeah, right before I took this picture she was asleep between us with one paw on Gia's arm and the other over her eyes. It would have been the cutest picture ever. Goddamn. Camera. Across. The. Room. This is what you get.

You'll get to meet her best friend Syd sometime in the future. He is a lion trapped in a Ragamuffin's body. Rowr.


Anonymous said...

She looks like a Biscotti.

So. Cute.

Kat said...

I love your kitty! I also had a kitty that went through several names. First she was kitty, then tiny, then toonces(like snl) and finally she was toonces bop bulla bulla. Then she was hit by a car (damn the snl irony!).

Anonymous said...

awww she looks evil. :p in a cute and cuddly sort of way.

Verdant Earl said...

She tried meatloaf for dinner tonight...and went craaaazy!!!!

She loves the human food.

Anonymous said...


You are getting so damn domesticated, it's fucking scary.

I thought i'd never see the day.

sniff - my little boy is growing up!

Anonymous said...

yeah that coming from a guy who just forked over $100 bux for an elmo doll. lol

and he doesnt even have kids! jk.. lol hahaha

yeah uhh feedin cats the human food ... not good earl... better watch out she might spontaneously poo somewhere special.

Verdant Earl said...

Yas - She has the constitution of a bulldozer. She was a feral before she became a housecat, but you are right. She only gets the human food on special occasions and then only a little bit.

She digs Wendy's fries and Utz Salt & Vinegar potato chips. Little bit o' a salt fetish.

Slyde - Glad to see you join the Blogger community. Um, er, The Hulk? And "I'm growing older, but not up. My metabolic rate is pleasantly stuck."

Anonymous said...

lol my cat has this innane fear of strawberries and bananas. its so weird. you stick a strawberry in her face and she takes off running for her life.

weird ass animals. lol

Anonymous said...

ouch... yas h8! :(

Anonymous said...