Jan 10, 2007


OK...so after work today, I called Gia to let her know that I was coming over in a half-hour or so to go out to dinner. As I hung up I started thinking about Scrabble and how much I would love to play it tonight. Some kind of World Championship Scrabble match was on ESPN2 earlier, and I guess it created an itch.

So I began thinking about places I could stop off to by the game since I don't have it and I was pretty sure that Gia didn't have it. K-Mart was on the way...hmmm. Toys 'R Us was a bit too far...lemme think. That's when the phone rang.

It was Gia.

This is exactly what she said: "Hey...I was thinking. Do you have Scrabble? I could really be into just staying in tonight with some take-out Chinese and a nice game of Scrabble."

Can you believe that shit? And she didn't even see the stupid Scrabble show on TV earlier!

We may actually be the same person somehow divided into two. That's how in-tune with each other we have been lately. A bit sickening, eh?

She won (by the way). 233-228. Yeah, we both suck at it...but we were watching TV at the same time, so we weren't at our best.


Anonymous said...

you should have called me.. i have a collectors edition scrabble set.. very posh.

Anyway, no game on earth makes me feel stupider than scrabble. I am usually overjoyed to see myself laying down words like "bat", or putting an "s" on "hat"

Anonymous said...

I love Scrabble. I must play it tonight with a big fat glass of wine in hand. The man and I haven't dueled it out in ages. It's on mo fo.

Verdant Earl said...

I thought I had the game won with a last minute "zoo", but then G emptied her letters onto the board and won the whole shebang. Crap!

I need to play again.

Anonymous said...

I just made myself laugh out loud - I thought at first Slyde meant he was making the word 'shat', but of course he meant 'hats'... I'm still chuckling.

God Earl, does everyone that comments here have to bring up shat???

Just kidding. Love that connection you've got, that's wicked.

Anonymous said...

ya know, after i read my post, i laughed at MYSELF when i saw that it looked like "shat"...

Anonymous said...

Awesome ESP.
I love me some Scrabble Dabble.

Verdant Earl said...

Got to admit...I thought you meant "shat" also at first.

Anonymous said...

You're right...

It is sickening. ;)


Anonymous said...

lmmfao!! i might have to agree with the evil novak on this one. could you two be any more in love? i mean geez. soulmates... if you were a vampire... she'd be your lifemate.

have babies so you can name them after me. hahaha

by the way i kick scattergories ass.

Anonymous said...

shat. hee hee.

That was a total mind meld. Cool.