May 7, 2007


As I mentioned in my previous post (for all three of you reading this), I had a major cold that knocked me silly for a good portion of the last month.

It lasted about a week at first, and then I gave it to Gia. I guess I wasn't quite over it because I still wasn't sleeping through the night. I would sleep for about an hour and a half at first, wake up soaking wet as my fever broke or something, then sleep on and off in 20 minute increments for the next few hours.

It really sucked!

And then, just like that old cat of legend, the cold came back. Probably caught it on the rebound from Gia. Even worse this time. Sore throat, stuffed head, all that shit! And still no sleep for the weary.

Well, all that finally changed last Wednesday night. I went to bed with the same feeling of dread that I had the previous three weeks. Ready to wake up in an hour or so and then toss and turn for the next 7 hours.

But it was bliss. I woke up in exactly the same position I was in the night before. I looked over to my nightstand and I saw that I had a full bottle of water there which said to me that I never woke up and had a drink - which had been part of my pattern. So I lay there wondering if I made it 5 or maybe even 6 hours without waking when I looked at my alarm clock.

8 hours! 8 hours of pure heaven! I almost couldn't believe it. I literally jumped out of bed in exultation. It was the best I had felt in almost a month.

I was beginning to think that I was never going to have a normal night of sleep again in my life. Now I've had my share of sleep problems (Restless leg syndrome), but they usually affected me going to sleep...not staying asleep. This was a first for me. But it looks like the darkest days are over.

So, knock on wood, things have been great since then. I'm catching up on my z's like you wouldn't believe. Eight great hours a night. Afternoon naps this past weekend. I feel like a new man.

So for all of you suffering with sleep disorders out there (Slyde, Kat, etc...), I felt your pain. But I never want to feel it again.

I treasure my sleep too much!


Slyde said...

wow. a week of bad sleep. You tortured soul you!

I hope when you woke up this morning at 10am that you felt much better.......

jealous? me?

Verdant Earl said...

I woke up today at 9AM, thank you very much.

The perks of working for oneself.

And it was three weeks of bad/no sleep, ya arsehole!

elizabeth said...

NICE. Post this on a day when i just happen to be bloody exhasted. Grrr.

Verdant Earl said...

Sorry, Liz. But I was crazy exhausted as well for the better part of three weeks.

Mermaid Melanie said...

So I haven't been sleeping more than 4-6 hours for about 3 years now... happens when you become a parent, i guess. other souls to concern yourself with.

and if Penny goes pantie-less next time? I am buying a ticket! :shifty gaze: did I say that out loud? :giggles:

madge said...

::knocking on wood like that::

Knitty Yas said...

lazy. ;p

why in my day we lived off of 3 hours of sleep .. and not deep sleep either!! light sleep! with lights shined on us! in the snow! up a hill!