May 16, 2007

Odds n Sods

Just a few things on a Wednesday lunch-time:

  • I realized a little late that Slyde is away in the Dominican Republic and he is recording all of his favorite shows while he is away. One of them being Survivor, which I revealed the winner in my previous post. Hopefully he is having way too much fun to putz around on the Internet while he is away. I did shoot him a text message saying as much. Don't know if he received it or not. Oops!
  • Had a blast last night watching my friends play their third game in the inaugural season of JD's women's softball team. They won 29-8 for their first victory and they have some real good players. Next week, I'm bringing the lounge chair and a cooler of beers.
  • Speaking of sports, the Yankees kinda suck right now. I'm hoping they start to turn things around with a sweep of the ChiSox starting with a double-header today. A-Rod need to find that April magic again, and Matsui, Cano and Abreu simply have to start hitting like they can.
  • Had drinks at Besito again last night. We are really starting to love that place.
  • Taking Gia away for a super-secret mini-vacation in two weeks. Don't even ask me where I'm taking her, because its super-secret (and she reads this shit). But I'm looking forward to it and it can't get here soon enough.
  • Speaking of Gia, she is off for the full weekend coming up (whoooo-hoooo) and it's sorely needed. She has been filling in for the owner for the past few weeks while he has been recuperating from surgery. She needs the time off. Maybe we will head into NYC for some good times. Especially if the weather stays as nice as it has been the past few days. 70+ and sunny. Nice!
  • Have to head out sometime today or tomorrow to buy birthday gifts for two of my nieces (Sarah - 5, and Audrey - 3) as well as one of my nephews (David - 4). Did I mention that there are 7 more? Big family. Big.


elizabeth said...

I wish I could just pop into New York city to hang out as easily! Super secret vacation!? How cool is that. (How will she know what to pack?)

Mermaid Melanie said...

Super Double Secret Vacation! suhweet! take pix!

NYC sounds like a good idea, I have never been. and kids presents are FUN to shop for!

madge said...

You can go to NYC but please, Earl, do not pee in the corner of your hotel room!!

Verdant Earl said...

Liz - I'm a gonna help her pack.

Mel - never been to NYC? Well, I've never been to California, so we're even.

Madge - piss in a corner once, and no one lets you forget it...sheesh :)