Sep 30, 2010

It's Martini Time!

The martini: the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet.
H. L. Mencken

He knows just how I like my martini - full of alcohol.
Homer Simpson

One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough.
James Thurber

Martinis are like tits. One is not enough and three are too many.
Anonymous booze-hound

Happiness is a dry martini and a good woman ... or a bad woman.
George Burns

I like to drink martinis. Two at the most. Three I'm under the table, four I'm under the host.
Dorothy Parker

He was white and shaken, like a dry martini.
P.G. Wodehouse

I am prepared to believe that a dry martini slightly impares the palate, but think what it does for the soul.
Alec Waugh

Why don't you get out of that wet coat and into a dry martini?
Robert Benchley

A medium vodka dry martini - with a slice of lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred.
Ian Fleming

The three-martini lunch is the epitome of American efficiency. Where else can you get an earful, a bellyful and a snootful at the same time?
Gerald Ford

And, of course...

I bet a nickel.
Martini - from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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Slyde said...

that is one drink that i have never had a taste for...

give me a good Screwdriver anyday...

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - and a screwdriver is a drink I've always despised. Gives me heartburn.

white rabbit said...

Not to mention 'the whole world is about three drinks behind' (Humphrey Bogart) Okay it's not martini specific but you can't have everything.

RW said...

"Zen martini: A martini with no vermouth at all. And no gin, either."
P.J. O'Rourke

Verdant Earl said...

Wabbit - but, but,'s not about a martini!!!

RW - That's more like an existential martini. Speaking of...there is this restaurant (elBulli, headed by Ferran Adria) on the coast in Spain that serves what some claim to be the perfect deconstructed martini. They hand you this spoon with an olive colored bubble in it. After you slide that down, you are given an atomizer with gin and vermouth to take as many sprays in the mouth as you desire. Doesn't sound too appealing to me, but there are those who claim it to be the ultimate martini experience.

RW said...

El Bulli is on my bucket list. But it's like a six year waiting list to get a freakin table.

He also put a pine tree into a white ball of foam.

Verdant Earl said...

RW - And more bad news. He plans on closing the restaurant at the end of 2011. For a couple of years, at least.

Heff said...

Don't care for the Martini either. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy's is the best. I get her's

hello haha narf said...

oh my fuck, did i ever have the perfect martini recently. well, if you consider march recent.

anyhow, @kimt205 and i went to destin, florida the day after the high holy day. we were there for several days when @cheekysweetie and @karlerikson joined us. adays of running around before we stumbled upon this adorable little complex with several bars. when i found the rhino martini mar, complete with rocking chairs outside by the fountain and big comfy chairs and couches inside, well i basically told them to do what they wanted, but they would have to come back for me. dude made the best ketel one dirty, dirty martini in the history of martinis. and he flirted while doing it. plus he made the best ketel one lemon drop martinis. and his key lime pie martini might have made me shake. i want to go back to destin and stay at that bar. happy girl sigh.

what were we talking about again?

sybil law said...

I plan to be Dorothy Parker this weekend - assuming I'm not getting sick! BAH.

Verdant Earl said...

Heff - And here all along, I thought we were Booze Brothers. ;)

Olivia - YEah, I love that quote. There was a (now-defunct) blog that I used to read that used that quote as it's tagline.

Becky - That was it. That was exactly what we were talking about. My two best martinis ever were with my Dad. We each had a pre-dinner Gibson at Louie's Backyard in Key West. It was my father's first real vacation in forever, and he had such a great time. The other was at a local restaurant that made great martinis. Took him out for Father's Day even though he was in failing health at the time. My mother let him have 1 martini before dinner...just one. And he enjoyed the fuck out of it. The next week he wound up back in the hospital never to come out. So when I think of great martinis, I usually think of my Dad.

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - Who's the lucky host?

Kevin McKeever said...

What -- no Rev. Horton Heat video?

OK - I'll do you a solid:

marty mankins said...

Love martinis. Gin for me. And usually I have them dirty and extra dirty.

Verdant Earl said...

Uncool - I dig the Right Reverend, especially that song. I saw him perform it live way back in the day. A band called Ten Gallon Drunk opened up for him, and they were even better! I thought about including a video or nod to it, but I thought it was too obscure. Guess not. :)

RW said...

earl, that defunct blog- was that 1girl? I don't know what happened to her.

Verdant Earl said...

RW - Yeah, that was her. Don't know either. Her posts started getting really weird and rambling, then they just stopped. Now the domain has disappeared. Happens, here in the Blogoverse.

hello haha narf said...

just created a pandora account today. (yes, today. shhhhh.) put in everything from led zep to the stray cats to eminem to no doubt to dick dale to metalica. have only been listening for about two hours and damned if "martini time" didn't just come on. i had never heard of that song until earlier today when i clicked on the link in your comments. then BLAMMO!, here it is playing in my new pandora account.
so now you know.

Bruce Johnson said...

I could go into this post at length, but will probably just save it for a Martini post of my own. While you might like Bacon Flavored Bourbon, I am the Martini snob amoungst your readers. Love a good martini and hate those that can't make one right. There is a ritual to it. Many debate the properties of Tanquery, Bombay, Beef Eaters and the like, but trust me on this....make it 'cold' and make it with 'Hendricks'.

Verdant Earl said...

Becky - That's awesome! Isn't it great when the world wants you to have good music...or a good martini? ;)

Bruce - don't have to tell me about Hendricks. I think it is the finest gin on the market. The subtle hint of cucumber? Delicious! After Hendricks, I go with Bombay Sapphire. Then maybe Tanquerey Ten. After that there is a big drop.