Jan 27, 2011

The Coenfographic

25+ years, 15 films, 50 actors, 96 characters.  All courtesy of this this person.  Can you name all five Coen Brothers films that Steve Buscemi has appeared in?  Sure you can.  But if you can't, then click on that image below and follow the infographic, man. 

clicky clicky to diggy diggy

And a hearty thanks to everyone who commented yesterday. You kids rock and roll.


RW said...

I've always said he and John Davis Chandler were separated at birth. No time to play the 5-movie game just now, but Miller's Crossing remains the Coen Brothers most unappreciated fillum while being in my top 20.

"Tom, wake up."
"I am awake."
"You look like you're asleep."
"Who you gonna believe."

Paticus said...

Wow, that thing is very cool, and dizzying. I have 2 Coen-Buscemis right off the bat, but I will have to do some thinking on the others, and then still probably come up short.
Totally agree with RW on Miller's Crossing. GREAT flick. In fact, I should watch that again soon.
Glad you got some good responses to yesterday's post. I unfortunately did not have much to add, as managing my stress is not one of my fortes.

Avitable said...

That made me realize that there are three or four of their films I haven't seen.

Including Miller's Crossing.

RW said...

After yet another one of the horses he's bet on breaks down and has to be destroyed...

"Hey Tom, horses got knees?"
"I don't know... fetlocks."
"Well if I was a horse I'd be down on my fetlocks praying you don't bet on me."

Slyde said...

yeah, im missing 4 of their films as well.

sybil law said...

Must. see. more. Coen. films.

savannah said...

miller's crossing absolutely!

i can think of 4 immediately, but now i'll have to look. (the big lebowski, fargo, miller's crossing and barton fink.) xoxoxo

(stressed? try peanut butter! my fingers were too sticky to tell you that yesterday, sugar!)

Verdant Earl said...

The only three I haven't seen are A Serious Man, The Man Who Wasn't There and True Grit. I plan on rectifying that last one soon.

Paticus said...

Haven't seen "true Grit" yet either. I really loved "The Man Who Wasn't There"...In fact, I liked it better than "O Brother".

badgerdaddy said...

I really did not like 'O Brother'. Can't tell you why, just didn't like it. The Man Who Wasn't There, on the other hand... Sublime. Could have been plucked from another decade.

Bruce Johnson said...

After looking at this graphic I am amazed at how many of these films I have seen. About three quarters of them. It appears I really like the Cohen Brothers and didn't even know it.