Sep 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

Here's a brief rundown of what I did over the weekend.

Friday night:

  • Took a hilarious picture of Bootsy sleeping with a big smile on his face. And we watched all the television shows that we had recorded from Thursday evening. Then Gia went to bed and I watched Fringe.

  • Went to the local Pickle Festival with our besties. You read that right. A pickle festival.  And it was...glorious. Had a pickle on a stick and bought two bagfuls worth of pickles and related pickled...stuff.  I wrote about it once before on this here blog. Way back here.  Check it.
  • Then we all headed over to our new favorite local restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. I reviewed the joint over at our food blog here. I knew what I was having before I even walked into the joint. A big burger smashed between two grilled cheese sandwiches.  The server called it "the heart attack". But then the manager grinned and said, "If you want to do it up right, then add a fried egg and some bacon." Which sounded too good to pass up.  Which I didn't. Neither did my buddy. It was absurdly delicious, and exactly what the doctor ordered. Well, not an MD, but you know... Here's what it looked like:

  • After spending about 4 hours at the restaurant (seriously), we headed back to the house for a mini-ramble and a sudden surprisingly awesome sunset. So sudden and surprising that I didn't get to take a picture of it. But it was really cool. Trust me.
  • Spent most of the day napping in bed. I had been fighting off a bit of a stomach issue for several days, and the excesses of Saturday certainly didn't help.
So was your weekend filled with as much whimsy as mine?  More? You kids are awesome!


sybil law said...

Awww, Bootsy looks like a happy Buddha Bootsy! Love that picture!!
I already talked to you about what I did. Drink, drank, druuunk.

sybil law said...

Oh yeah!
No WAY could I eat that burger! Did you finish it?!

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - I love that picture of Bootsy so much. He's normally such a a dick. It makes the times when he looks angelic all the better. And I didn't quite finish the burger. I left probably one and a half bites on the plate. Had to. But Water Logged Canine did it proud. Although he made the mistake of adding a chocolate shake afterward. Shit almost got real.

Slyde said...

"a big burger smashed between two grilled cheese sandwiches"

Jesus, man.. why dont you just pour plaster into your veins....?

Kate said...

Holy heart attack, that's a mean looking samwhich! You are hard core man.

I have a photo of my man sleeping on the couch that reminds me of your Bootsy capture. But oughta respect for him, I can not share. Trust me, there is not much of a difference. Whiskers and all.

I think I'll write a post about my weekend. I love that you went to a pickle fest... my weekend was not quite as fun.

Water Logged Canine said...

I'd have traded it all for a roast beef sandwich from Divine Brine's tent.

I think we consumed 15,000 calories at lunch alone...and I almost got the crock of French Onion.

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - I hear ya. This isn't a meal I'm going to repeat anytime soon.

Kate - Pickle Fest rules!

Doggie - Holy shit, I thought about the french onion soup too. So glad that I decided against it. I think it was the freebie pulled pork sammies and sausage and peppers that put us over the edge.

hello haha narf said...

i just want one of your grilled cheese sandwiches.

(i went to watch the pirates last home game yesterday. took everything i had not to buy a pretzel roll with caramelized onions, two potato pierogies and a huge mound of pulled pork. thought that damn thing might kill me.)

hello haha narf said...

also, i love a good pickle fest.
le rowl

Verdant Earl said...

Becky - I was waiting for someone to make the obvious pickle joke. Finally! ;)

Poppy said...

I <3 Bootsy!!!!!!!

Verdant Earl said...

Poppy - you are only seeing his good side. See if you love him when he wakes you up in the AM to feed him.