Feb 26, 2012

Live Chat - The Oscars

We are in full-on multi-task mode tonight in the Cornfield.

I'm going to open up the chat room at 8PM EST so that we can live-blog the Oscars broadcast.  I should have lots to offer since I've seen all of two of the films that have been nominated. Hehe.

Then at 9PM, I'll start the radio show where the Colonel and I will offer witty and not-so-witty commentary.  We'll also talk about baseball during the commercial breaks and that segment where the accountants discuss the voting procedures.  Maybe during the silly musical numbers as well.  We'll see.

So if you are watching the show tonight and you plan on having your computer in front of you, why not join us in the Cornfield for a true community experience.

Plus as many pee jokes as we can think of.  Urine for a special evening.  See what I did there?


sybil law said...

Woohoo! And, no shit?! Sounds like fun!
See what I did there? :)

marty mankins said...

I will be there as well, logging in from the laptop this time since my iPad had issues last time I tried.

RW said...

I will be at my son-in-law's birthday party. Having fun. God damn it.

savannah said...

we had dinner guests last night, sugar, so we missed the show. *sigh* xoxoxox

white rabbit said...

Well I'm glad 'The Artist' won best picture. 99% of me knew it would - 1% thought remember these people are copper plated idiots...

It deserved to :D