Mar 1, 2012

Browser ABC's

When it comes to computers, I'm still very much a keyboard/shortcut guy than a point and click guy.  I've been a high-level MS Excel user since it was invented, and I still start many of my tricks by hitting the old "/" menu key.  It's just habit. Ingrained by thousands and thousands of hours of use.

It comes across in my Internet use as well. Sure, I have lots of sites bookmarked.  But I find that I tend to just jump to the address bar in Firefox and start typing where I want to go and let my browser history find the site I want more than anything else. 

For example, I have this here blog bookmarked.  But when I want to go to it quickly, I jump to the address bar in my browser and type "B" and this is the first site that pops up. Easy peasy.  And quicker, for me, than finding it in my bookmarks.

So with that in mind, I've come up with a silly meme where you type in a letter in the address box of your browser and mark down the first site that pops up in your browser history.  Could be dangerous, could be boring...let's find out!

A - Amazon
B - The Verdant Dude (because the url is
C - Citibank
D - Deadspin (a sports/humor blog)
E - Erin O'Brien's blog
F - Filmdrunk (a film/humor blog)
G - Google Reader
H - Huffington Post
J - Just Talking to the Cornfield
K - Kongregate (a flash game site)
L - The LoHud Yankees Blog
M - Mike Silva's New York Baseball Digest
N - Netflix
O - Overstock (haven't shopped there in years!)
P - Pandora
Q - The Interrobang (there's a Q in the subtitle someplace)
R - RW's new website
S - Slyde...ugh.
T - Twitter
U - Uni-Watch (an interesting site devoted entirely to sports uniforms)
V - Version53 - RW rears his head once again
W - The Weather boring.
X - Nothing. Nothing pops up for X. How weird is that? (Actually it was XM Radio...hehehe)
Y - Yahoo!
Z - This time really nothing. Just a bunch of urls that have random a random "z" in them.

OK, so that was pointless and boring. Tells us what we already know. I like baseball and movies.

Anyone got a good Z website I should start visiting?



Slyde said...

you like me, you really like me.

and for Z, try ZOMBO.COM... i've been going there for years...

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - WTF is that? Just a voiceover saying "Welcome to ZomboCom" and such over and over again? Is there a point?

sybil law said...

SLYDE beat out SYBIL?
I am offended.

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - I was rooting for ya too, kid. By the way, ahem, you're fourth on my S list. Slyde, my food blog (Simmer, Sip, Share), Sporcle (a trivia site) and then you. I'll see what I can do to move you up. :)

Slyde said...

a friend told me about about 10 years ago. I just think its hysterical that the site has been up and running so long.

Water Logged Canine said...

Nothing for Z? No way I'm buying that....

All your zombie obsessions and nothing for Z?

You a damn liar! I said it!

savannah said...

wow, i don't even want to know where i stand, sugar! *sigh* and me sharing my recipe for oyster dressing with you... xoxoxox

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - it's really odd.

Doggie - I love me some zombies, but I don't trawl through any zombie sites. Are there zombie sites? TELL ME!!!

Savannah - You are right there with Sybil. ;)

Bruce Johnson said...

Interesting concept, but honestly, I am just too lazy these days

Verdant Earl said...

Bruce - Oh, I wasn't really trying to get anyone to follow. Just a random blog idea I had.

Avitable said...

I like this - I'm going to give it a try.

Unknown said...

How 'bout you try Overstock one more time PoppaBear? Momma needs a new pair o' shoes and 700 thread count sheets. Just sayin'......