Mar 29, 2012

Living in the Past

See what I did there?

No...ugh, I guess a blog title joke referencing my entry from two days ago will get me that kind of reaction.  Believe me, it was fucking hilarious!

A family member has been in New Orleans all week, taunting me with texts of pictures of delicious food. It's my own fault. I was the one who suggested all the spots to go eat. Still made me wish I was back in New Orleans. And I haven't been back since before Katrina wrecked the joint. I really need to go back to see what they've done with the place. I can imagine liking it anymore than my last visit.

Key West is another place that I haven't been back to in a long while. Gonna remedy that soon, but Dave's trip there last week really made me want to be there NOW!  Like I said...gonna remedy that soon.

In the meantime, let's go living in the past with a link to an old post from Slyde's blog back before I had a blog of my own.

Beware, it's...TALES OF THE BLACK SOCK!!!

(Go check that shit out, okay?)


sybil law said...

I'm totally gonna steal away in your luggage when you head down to Key West. Just slip me some shots now and then. It'll be like Flat Stanley! Only, Flat Sybil!
Uh, I am not flat, though - not even chest-wise.
Still - I don't take up much space!

Kate said...

I read the the Tales Of The Black Sock! That is funny stuff.

Slyde said...

you crafty little bugger, you...

i NEED to insult you, but then you go promote my blog, which i should thank you for...

now im all cuffudled...

damn you...

Mrs. Hall said...

speaking of living in the past-just now getting to your walking dead post.

i totally agree with you about lori. girlfriend needs to drop her spoiled, my husband never listened to my true feelings bullshiz. and she's too skinny. and not warm and womanly and loving. which irritates me everytime i see her.

she needs to stop giving her husband the stink eye and give him so loving because HE'S ALL THEY GOT NOW.

instead, she pulls away and crawls into a ball.

bullshiz woman!! stand by your man!!

otherwise, will be missing the shane. he could have been developed i think but, maybe it was time to go.


Mrs. Hall said...

and another thing. I was always irritated that they named the ONE BLACK GUY T-BONE.

Dude can't have a grown up name, a name that signals he's a human being.

Then I found out the actor who plays him calls himself IronE. With the E in caps.


there ya go.