Apr 27, 2012

Meh, whatever...

OK, I didn't really try to change the layout of this thing all that hard. Spent maybe 5 minutes on it. It's better than it was, but it's still not inspiring me to pretty up the joint with clever words and the like.  Maybe I'm just going through one of those phases. Oy vell.

Let's fuck some shit up with some bullets, shall we?
  • The baseball season is closing in on being a month-old now, and it's been a whole heap of fun. My Yankees have only been a mild disappointment. Mild in that they aren't unbeaten at this point, but I'll take it. The cross-town Mets have been a pleasant surprise in that they don't suck as much as I thought they would. They just swept the Miami Marlins, and that was a real nice series for them. But I think I'm most surprised by the dominant starting pitching of the Washington Nationals. They might be my new favorite team to watch who don't wear pinstripes.  Very cool.
  • This season of Survivor is easily the worst that they have produced thus far. I'm still enjoying it, but it's almost as if they select people specifically with the criteria that they either must have a low IQ or that they must have no concept of how the show works.  Because that's what we were given this year. The stupidest players in the stupidest season so far. I'm still a fan, but I can't wait until this one is over.
  • Tried Jim Beam/Red Stag Honey Tea bourbon last night for the first time. It was delicious! Very similar to the Honey Jack from Jack Daniels. A little too sweet for me to drink straight, but it goes very well with mixers. Actually, mixing it with sweet tea would be a good idea. A big kick at 80 proof, it doesn't taste nearly that strong. I definitely recommend it. The Red Stag flag is an interesting concept. So far I like the Honey Tea and hate the Black Cherry.  But I'm willing to give the Spiced Cinnamon whiskey a try.
  • I don't care that some people thing Jim Beam is white trash liqour. Fuck those people! I like Jim Beam and I'm gonna drink Jim Beam until it fucking kills me. Not literally. That would be sad.
  • I've been ignoring this blog recently, but I've REALLY been ignoring my/our food blog. From the looks of it, so are the rest of the contributors. I plan on remedying that soon. Watch for it.
  • Speaking of food and recipes, I joined Pinterest recently. I don't really get it. I wanted to use it as an online repository for recipes that I like or wanna try, but it's just not organized very well from what I've experienced. Maybe I'm just using it wrong. Probably I'm just using it wrong. We'll see if it sticks.
  • I've also been using Instagram since it became available for Android and I'm really enjoying it. A really easy way to post pictures from my phone online and onto Twitter, if I so choose.  Do you Instagram? I have no idea how it's worth a billion dollars to Facebook, but that's another story.
  • By the way, how is Facebook worth so much? I recently watched The Social Network (good movie, by the way), and I don't get it. I mean, I'm not ON Facebook, but I know a bunch of people who are. Just how are they making all that money? I don't get the Internet sometimes.
  • Speaking of Facebook, I always that Sean Parker and Shaun Fanning were the same person. I'm stupid. Both were involved with Napster, but only one was involved with Facebook, right? I'm stupid.
  • We have this one mis-matched fork in our cutlery drawer. It doesn't match any of our other cutlery, but it's the only one that I like to use. It's sturdy, and the tines aren't too long. I have no idea where it came from. I'd like to find a matching set, but there is no insignia. If we ever lose that fork, I'm going to be very sad.
That's all I got. I think I finished on a high note. Talking about a fork.Well done, Earl.

See you next time!


Verdant Earl said...

The absolute nicest thing I can say about this new layout is that it isn't awful. And that is with me being really nice. I still kinda hate it. Sigh.

Dave2 said...

I liked your old layout and was surprised you were changing it.

As for "Survivor"... I couldn't agree more. So boring. But it looks like things might finally be getting good, so there's hope.

sybil law said...

I've never watched an entire show of Survivor, so to me they all suck. The only times I have seen it, it's couples of any kind bickering, and that ain't fun to watch.
We have a fork like that, too. It's my husband's favorite. Forkin' mystery fork.
The Jim Beam Red Stag/ Honey Tea bourbon sounds yummy! I'll probably just stick with Jameson, though.

Verdant Earl said...

Dave2 - I liked the old layout better as well. But it was a hacked Wordpress layout that I did a ton of customization work on, and it was getting old so it didn't work with a lot of the newer functionality here on Blogger. I still have it saved, but I think I'm moving on.

Sybil - Forkin' tough!

Heff said...

Huh. I was expecting the same background and a new Header pic.

Oh well.



Busch Light.

Verdant Earl said...

Heff - Work in Progress. This header is going bye-bye soon.

hello haha narf said...

i gave up on survivor years ago. sad, because i loved it so very much at first.

jim beam is wonderful. fuck the haters.

you don't think pinterest is organized very well? hmmmmmmm. if you want me to tell you about how much i adore pinterest and how i use it, email me.

i want to love instagram, but too many crappy images over saturated don't make the photos cool, the make them crappy over saturated pictures. very few people rock using instagram. i'll have to look at some of your photos and give you props or shit later. xoxo

fuck facebook. or maybe fuck me because i am a hater, but i passionately hate that site.

i have one of those forks. it is always my go to fork. thanks for reminding me that i am not alone.

let's go bucs!

Unknown said...

Jim + Diet + Lime wedge = Happy Me

marty mankins said...

The new layout is good, but as with Dave2, I didn't mind the old one. I like a good clean look.

Jim Beam and water over ice is good. I normally drink Crown Royal (and more recently the Black blend). As for the Red Stag, I only have tried the Black Cherry and liked it.

Verdant Earl said...

Becky - With Pinterest, my issue is that the main page has shit all over it from the people that I follow. I'd prefer it to be just my stuff with the ability to see what they've pinned on a sidebar or something. But I haven't really done my due diligence on it yet.

Annabelle - That's a good recipe for happiness.

Marty - Ugh, I did not like the Black Cherry. Way too sweet for my tastes.

savannah said...

damn, you've been busy, sugarpie! jim beam & coke is my go to drink at the ballpark! re recipes, we've taken to just printing out things we like and putting them into a notebook. it's called "Things We Like to Cook" yep, labeled and divided into categories! i never watched survivor, so i got nothing. xoxoxoxo