Sep 13, 2012

The Pack a.d.

Music for you on this lovely Thursday. Today it's The Pack a.d., a Canadian garage rock duo featuring Becky Black on vocals and guitar and Maya Miller on drums. Very cool sound, if you ask me.

Here's their video for "Sirens", in which the ladies wait until the very end to show up.

And a non-video for their song "Wolves and Werewolves", which is the song that Pandora found for me that led me to check this duo out. Kick-ass song!


Unknown said...

Aye, no bad at all.

savannah said...

so here i am at 0329h listening to a new group and rockin out! thanks, sweetpea for the new sounds! xoxox

Verdant Earl said...

Chef - Not at all.

Savannah - That's the best time to listen to a song called Wolves and Werewolves. Aaaah-oooooo!