May 22, 2007

Today's Rant

Do you know what I really hate?

Those ads on TV for prescription drugs. Seems like most of them these days are for dudes who can't get it up, but they also have ones for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, etc...

They make no sense to me. Do we, the viewers at home, see those commercials and say "Aha...I need to tell my doctor about Provasic (RDU-90)" or whatever drug they are hocking with soft light and gentle breezes on the commercial? Doesn't my doctor already know about Provasic and what it can and can't do, and isn't he/she the best judge of what drugs I need?

By the way, two points if you can come up with where I got the fictional name Provasic from?

I know, I know...doctors are influenced by many things when it comes to prescribing drugs, especially if there is more than one drug that can be used for whatever ails you. The reps from the drug companies push their product onto the medical community with all kinds of perks, but still I don't think my doctor is going to assign me some pills that will negatively affect me.

I dunno...the whole process seems weird. Just who are those ads targeting? Me? My doctor?

I do really enjoy the disclaimers at the end, though. "Do not take Provasic if you are have any liver problems or if you have more than 3 drinks a week (!!!). Provasic shouldn't be prescribed if you are pregnant, are thinking about getting pregnant or if you just don't give a fuck if you get pregnant because you are only going to get an abortion anyway."

My favorite was this one drug called FloMax or something like that. It's to help men with enlarged prostates have a better and firmer stream during urination or so they say. One of the warnings was "If you are considering cataract surgery, please consult with your doctor before taking FloMax."

WTF! What could cataract surgery possible have to do with medication to give you a better piss? I'm sure there is a real reason, but it still made me laugh.


Slyde said...

i just love how for EVERY FUCKING ONE of these commericals the side effects are ALWAYS diareah and erectile disfunction....

Mermaid Melanie said...

I hate the commercials for vagasil. And the disclaimer, if you have an erection for more than four hours... YIKES!!!

Verdant Earl said...

I love that disclaimer. 4 hours, eh?

They have that one for Cialis, which supposedly works for 36 hours...because sometimes the timing isn't just right.

So the question is, if it lasts for 36 hours wouldn't that include at least a 4 hour erection? I dunno.

madge said...

I am with you here.
Do you remember the one (I can't remember the name...) that mentioned a side effect - something-something green, oily discharge?