Nov 21, 2007

Then allow me to retort...

Sometime around two years ago, I started a silly little tradition with my friend Peter. I took him to this Belgian beer bar called Vol de Nuit in NYC and he absolutely fell in love with all beers Belgian. Especially Leffe Blonde.

The next time I was at that bar, with a different set o' friends, I ordered myself a Blondie. While I was enjoying it, I thought it would be funny to snap a picture of our table with our beer prominently displayed and send it to Peter. Ya know...just to rub it in. "Ha ha...I'm enjoying this wonderful Belgian beer and you suck!" kinda thing. I'm a dick like that.

This first time, Peter responded with his own picture. A screenshot of a cartoon with the caption "YOU...are a douchebag!" And that, my friends, is how all good traditions start. So now whenever I have a Leffe Blond I feel the need to snap a picture of it, or of me drinking it, or of the bottle prominently displayed between Gia's boobs (I'm especially fond of that last one). I then forward the pic and wait for the inevitable response. Generally a hilarious one. The last time I did it, he sent me a picture of his refrigerator. Filled with Belgian beers, natch!

I only mention it because, for some reason, my Mother has been keeping Leffe at her house lately. So the past two weekends I have been able to engage in my favorite infantile game of tag.

To quote Mr. Jimmy Buffet:

"I'm growing older, but not up!"


i am the diva said...

i love traditions like that. Those are the best kind.

also, i have tagged thee.

badgerdaddy said...

Erm... You don't think your mum's got a fridge full of Leffe because she's seeing your mate Peter, do you?

He really would have the ultimate comeback then.

elizabeth said...

Oops. I tagged him too. Mr. Popular these days earl...

Verdant Earl said...

Diva - I'll try to get to it this weekend.

badger - Peter and my Mother would not get along. He's waaaay too weird.

Liz - aw shucks.