Dec 17, 2007


Been quite a few days since I posted, so I figure I would catch up...bullet-stlye! Whoo-hooo!

  • The hangover from our first Christmas Party of the year lasted pretty much all day on Tuesday. Not really hurting, just tired. Guess it comes with age. But so does prostate cancer and old-man butt. So I say a hale and hearty "fuck you" to old age. There. I did it.

  • The only thing that I really accomplished on Tuesday was watching Superbad and it was super good! The entire "McLovin" subplot with the geek and the cops was my favorite part of the film. "Officer Slater: Yeah, people have weird names nowadays. Once I pulled arrested this man-lady, and his legal first name was "Fuck". Officer Michaels: He was Vietnamese, so it was spelled "Ph," but still that's pretty jarring to see on a drivers license."

  • Participated in our annual "12 Bars of Christmas" party on Friday night with the entire gang. I'm pretty sure that I've posted about this before, maybe on Slyde's site. Here is the deal. We go from bar to bar in my town and spend a half-hour at each joint. One drink, minimum, is consumed by all and we enter and leave with a chorus of the "12 Days of Christmas", gradually increasing until we have hit the 12th bar. It's a lot less gay than it sounds. We made a change this year as many of our crowd falls into the over 40 group. We only did 6 bars, but we finished the night at a friend's house for more merriment. I was starting to feel a bit under the weather, so I decided to go with just a couple of Irish Whiskeys (that makes sense, right?). Felt pretty good too! Never got really drunk, and I remember everything from the party this year! Good times. Wound up back at a friend's house without my car at 2AM, sober and tired, so I stayed over. That's when my cold really started to kick my ass. I slept maybe 2 hours that night, but I more than made up for it on the weekend. Good times again!

  • Oh yeah, I've got a cold. Not nearly as bad as the last one that I had last April that knocked me silly for the better part of the month, but not fun either. Spent all day Saturday and Sunday in bed. Missed another Christmas party at a friend's house on Saturday night. Had a lot of soup.

  • Feeling better today. And just in time, too! Tomorrow night is another Christmas party with another group of friends. This one could be trouble. As the kitty in my sidebar says "I'm scared".

  • Haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. That's right, I'm living on the edge. Actually I have an exact list of everything I need to get, I just need to go and get it. It's a throwback to the days when I used to do all my shopping on Christmas Eve. Ah...memories.

  • Brian Westbrook may be my favorite pro football player, evah! Instead of running the ball into the end zone with 2:10 left against the Cowboys for an easy touchdown, he took a knee at the one-yard line. Why? Because Dallas had no more timeouts, and after the 2-minute warning all the Eagles had to do was take a few knees and run out the clock without ever giving the ball back to the 'Boys. That's wicked smart! And extremely un-selfish. Although there are probably a lot of fantasy owners going nuts over this, I thought it was a breath of fresh air. Especially in a game featuring Terrell Owens.

That's about all I have for now. See, the Mitchell Report came out last week and I didn't even mention it...until right there.


jiggs said...

I was sick this past weekend too. It sucks my balls.

i am the diva said...

i hope, for the lovely Gia's sake, that a Rock-Chick is on that list!!


Good luck shopping.

Verdant Earl said...

Jiggs - Better this weekend than next week, I say.

Diva - shhh! ;)

Mermaid Melanie said...

Happy Christmas Old man.. :giggles:

Get out there and outshine those rookies. :hug:

Kat said...

ya. That's what i was gonna say. Yer old ;o)

Slyde said...

yes, he is... very.

Verdant Earl said...

Mel - thanks for starting THAT trend.

Kat - eff u. ;)

Slyde - ditto.