Jul 24, 2011

JTTTC New Episode - Tonight at 9PM EST

Back to our regularly scheduled day and time.

Tonight we are gonna get all kinds of nerdish.  Statistically speaking, that is. It all started with a simple question that Rob Neyer posted on his blog.  Given their performances and makeup, would you rather have Tim Lincecum or Clayton Kershaw as your staff ace for the next 3 years. I picked Kershaw because of his stuff, age (23 vs 27) and the fact that he is a lefty.

The Colonel disagreed, and he said he would prefer a top-tier right-handed starter over a top-tier lefty any day.

That's the gist of it, and we are each gonna dive into the stats to try to prove why each of our choices was the proper one.  I'm totally gonna win.

So join us tonight on Talkshoe, or listen to the show tomorrow on iTunes. You know you wanna.

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