Jul 25, 2011

So...how have ya been?

Yeah, I know...it's been some time now.  Did you miss me? I missed you.

Maybe that's a good thing every once in a while.  It's been several weeks since I was posting regularly here on the ole Verdant Dude.  Lots of reasons for that.  Vacation was the reason for at the beginning, but then life intervened in ways that I don't really want to talk about here. Because that's not what I use this space for.  I did, once upon a time.  But I've since decided to keep this site mostly free of my personal life.

But I'm still kicking, don't you worry about me.

So what can I talk about here?  Let's see...BULLET STYLE!!!
  • We've done three new episodes of Just Talking to the Cornfield since the last time I've regularly blogged.  The Colonel and I have discussed all kinds of fascinating baseball-related topics.  OK, fascinating to some people.  Pure Hell for others.  Different strokes and all.  Oh, we are on iTunes as well, so look for us there.
  • There was that vacation I mentioned above. Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island (which isn't really an island at all). That was some fun shit right there. Mostly.  I heartily recommend that place to anyone who enjoys the island life...without having to go all the way to the Caribbean.  
  • I've seen a bunch of new stuff on Netflix Instant. Namely French zombie movies.  That's right...French zombie movies.  That would be "zombi" en francais. The Horde was excellent.  Mutants a little less so, but still entertaining.  Oh, those French...
  • Saw the new Captain America flick. Man, oh man that was a shitload of fun.  If you like well-done war movies or well-done superhero flicks, then you should check it out.  If you like both...well, run to the theater.  It's that good.  Seriously.
  • I've discovered that the best possible use for Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine is to mix it with a splash of OJ and some seltzer.  A Catdaddy Orangina, if you will. It...is...sublime.
  • I've read three more Jack Reacher books from Lee Childs.  I'm still having a hard time believing that Tom Cruise might wind up playing him in a feature film.  ::shivers::
  • Speaking of Tom Cruise, before the Cap film we saw a trailer for the next Mission Impossible movie. I certainly have issues with Cruise (can he fly yet?), but I did love the first and third entries in the series.  And since JJ Abrams is involved again in this one, along with Jeremy Renner, I'm all in.  Entertainment!
Ugh...that's all I got. Seems I haven't been doing much of anything at all.  Well, anything I want to share with y'all here anyways.  A girl's gotta keep some secrets.  Shhhhhh.


badgerdaddy said...

I hope all's well with you in real life.

So, so looking forward to The Horde. It's on the rental list, maybe it'll come soon... Mutants is on the list too. Great minds think alike, and so do ours, occasionally.

Slyde said...

i caught Cap yesterday morning.. i quite enjoyed it. i thought it kicked Thor's ass up and down the street...

sybil law said...

I'm surprised about Captain America! Good to know.

Sooo glad I listened in last night - and no technical difficulties, either! Woohoo! Good show.

Life is such an intervening bitch sometimes. Glad to know it didn't grab your balls, or whatever. :)

hello haha narf said...

glad to hear you are (mostly?) well.

i agree about being all in for the new MI movie, regardless of my tom cruise thoughts. those movies take me away and entertain me...exactly what a flick should do.

i really enjoyed captain america. thankfully someone had given me a heads up that i have to sit through ALL the damn credits for the trailer for the avengers. well worth the few minutes!

i have heard great things about block island. really need to head that way. thanks for the reminder.

the only baseball i like involves when the pirates are on the field. sorry i never make it to your show, but ever since i got my awesome phone i gave up internet at home and i really am not into an hour of baseball talk. BUT, i still totally adore you. don't hate me, k?

Verdant Earl said...

badger - The Horde was really fantastic. A great little zombi flick with interesting characters.

Slyde - Didn't see Thor, but I heard decent things about it.

Sybil - I was afraid we sunk way to deep into advanced statistics last night. As your groan at the 1 hour 30 minute mark suggested. Glad you enjoyed it.

Becky - An hour of baseball talk? Try at least TWO hours of baseball talk. I can't get the Colonel to shut the hell up. ;) Aren't you getting sick of all these post-credit teasers that Marvel is putting in? I sat in the theater so pissed off that I had to wait 5 minutes for a lousy trailer. I mean, the trailer wasn't lousy. Just don't make me wait that fucking long is all I'm saying. Ugh!

hello haha narf said...

i don't mind the teasers after the credits so much. we sit through trailers when they tell us a movie starts at 7:30 and the fucker doesn't start until 7:50, so i don't find it that much different.
honestly, i could just leave if i wanted to since it won't change my life any to view something that is making me wait for a year for the full movie. and to see so many people leave the theater i kind of felt like it was a little present just for me. made it more special somehow.

Verdant Earl said...

Becky - That's how I used to feel. Now it seems like every blockbuster does it. The shine has worn off for me.

sybil law said...

Actually, my groan was towards a bad joke someone told. At least, I think it was a joke. :)

Poppy said...

Captain America was seriously amazing. LOVED it.