Nov 23, 2011


To these things, I give the thanks:
  • Our four cats. Gogo, Wolowitz, Bootsy and Bennington.  They make us so happy nearly every day. I say "nearly", because happiness doesn't just happen every day. Sometimes they puke on the carpet and you step on it with your bare feet. Those days aren't so great.
  • Jim Beam. I love me some bourbon, and I love me some classy bourbons. But most times, I just want some plain old Jim Beam. Filet mignon is awesome, but a lot of times you'd rather just have a great burger.  Jim Beam is that great burger. You know what I mean.
  • Baseball. I've been enjoying this off-season of baseball nearly as much as the regular season.  Having the weekly radio show certainly helps. Being a fan of a team that you know is gonna spends some money to ensure a quality product is out on the field every day is an even bigger help. 
  • Cooking. It both excites and calms me. I was a indifferent chef for most of my life, but now I try to inspire myself in the kitchen at least 4 or 5 times a week. Good for me, good for Gia, good for our health. It might be a more recent passion than booze or baseball for me, but it's just as important.
  • The Internet. Without it, I wouldn't be watching Breaking Bad or Mad Men on Netflix, boring y'all with this here blog of mine, wasting time on Twitter or playing silly games. I also wouldn't be finding as many cool recipes or friends or opportunities for...whatever. I never want to be unplugged again.  Except for the times when I don't wanna be plugged in. Again, you know what I mean.
  • Tom Waits. I wasn't a big fan growing up, but I've really come to appreciate the man and his music.  Whenever I'm feeling particularly down or up, Tom centers me.  I dig that.
  • My family. This is the extended family I'm talking about.  My family, Gia's family, our friends, our friends' families.  It's all family to me. They are...the best.
  • All y'all. That, according to a Southern friend of mine, is the plural of y'all. Which, of course, is a plural expression. "You all". Hey, I don't try to make or break any rules.  But all y'all are pretty damned special, and I appreciate the hell outta you.
  • My Gia. She is my world.
That's enough for now. I've got a lot more to be thankful for, but I'll save that for another time.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. 

Make it your own.  Fly your turkey freak flag.


savannah said...

Make it your own. Fly your turkey freak flag.

amen, brother! have a wonderful time, sugar! xoxoxox

RW said...

yer welcome!

Mrs. Hall said...

woot! Happy Thanksgiving Earl!

Kate said...

Aw you're such a sweetie. Happy Thanksgiving!

Water Logged Canine said...

Thankful for the you.
Thankful for the Dude.
Fuck a cats.

sybil law said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
You are much appreciated around here!

hello haha narf said...

honestly, i'm pretty damn thankful for you. happy thanksgiving, earl.

Poppy said...

So sweet. If it's ok to be thankful back, I definitely am thankful for you and your cats and your Gia too.

Avitable said...

I'm thankful for Gia, too, because I know you'd just be hitting on me all the time if you didn't have her.

Slyde said...

there was a time when I would have made this list.

you fucker, you...