Mar 7, 2012

Brain derp dump

Just a few things that have been on my mind lately.  Hopefully if I put the words down here, then I can concentrate on more important things. Like recipes to post on our food blog. Yeah.
  • I generally don't wish harm on anyone, but can Pat Robertson just die already?  Preferably in a natural disaster of some sort.  That's how I enjoy my irony.
  • Speaking of public figures that should just die already....maybe the best way to stop Rush Limbaugh is to ignore him.  I really don't think it will work, but it's worth a shot!
  • Do yourself a favor, do a Google search for Big Ang (short for Angela) and watch a video or two of her if you can stomach it.  She's a "character" on the show Mob Wives on one of the cable channels. I should say she's a "cartoon character", because that's exactly what she reminds me of. I hate those reality shows with a passion, but the sheer ridiculousness of Big Ang makes me smile.
  • This Sarah Palin bio-pic coming to HBO looks...interesting.  I pause because I don't really think it's going to reveal anything that we don't already know. OK, she's not very intelligent or she was totally unprepared for national office. I get it. Julianne Moore sure looks the part though. Wow!
  • So some people think Kirk Cameron is still relevant?  Hmm...I'd worry about those people. More than what that dude has on his mind anyway. Now you want to see real crazy? Go check out what Victoria Jackson has been doing lately.
  • We watched the first 3 episodes of Homeland last night. Holy fucking fucking hell!  Great show, tense as all what-not.  Highest recommendation if you haven't already seen it. ain't for the faint of heart.  Or for the fart of taint. Huh?
  • Sybil Law is running for President. Finally, some political news that makes sense!
Du-di-du-da-du-di....that's all folks!


RW said...

I'd vote for Sybil!

Paticus said...

Victoria Jackson is batshit crazy. Did you see that Kirk Cameron also refuses to take pictures alone with women?
Is Homeland on Netflix yet?
I'd vote for Sybil,too, but I can't read her blog anymore. :(

Verdant Earl said...

RW - Best choice I've seen in years.

Paticus - No, sadly...not on Netflix yet. But we recently got a deal from our cable provider and added Showtime and Showtime On Demand. So I've been burning through a bunch of shows they do like this one and House of Lies with Don Cheadle. Which is also excellent.

Slyde said...

Sybil CAN'T run for president!

With that much exposure, our torrid affair will undoubtedly come out...

p.s. i fucking TOLD you about Homeland.... best show of the year, hands down. I just might be a fuckhead and text you how it ends...

savannah said...

every time i start feeling hopeless about society in general, i drop by here and my faith in humanity is restored, sugar! thank you! xoxoxoxox

(amen re Homeland! and now i need to check out House of Lies. it seems to have slipped by me.)

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - Props that you told me about it. But I didn't have Showtime until recently.

Savannah - Well thanks. :)

sybil law said...

You people are seriously gonna make me subscribe to Showtime and HBO again. Mr. Law would like to kick your asses.
Does RW know he and Faiqa are my speechwriters?
Gilda, my 10 year old, watched I don't even know how many of those Mob Wives shows in a row one day, until I came in and told her to turn it off. Then I sat down, and watched it with her! It's a total train wreck. A bunch of nobody bitches with mob husbands/ boyfriends/ daddies in jail who think they're all badasses. Big Ang is new, and sooo gross, but oddly enough, she's one of the smarter ones. Even if, half the time, I didn't know what she was saying. Her lips impede her speech. Gilda is totally grossed out by her fake boobs.
Also, don't forget that you're in charge of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Or, at least, Alcohol.

hello haha narf said...

wonder what kinda government job sybil would hook me up with...

marty mankins said...

Igorning Kirk Cameron, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson is really easy. I do most of the time, except when they do or say stupid shit.

Maybe if Sybil ran things at the top, none of those fuckers would have any ratings.