Jun 26, 2012

Chorizo and Eggs (again)

I wrote about this a while ago, but if you need a refresher you can read about my fascination with Midnight Run and the "chorizo and eggs" scene here.

OR, you could skip to the 2:00 mark on the video below to watch it in all it's glory. You really should watch the entire film if you haven't already. One of my favorite films of all time. But the "chorizo and eggs" bit ends at around the 3:30 mark on the video. So it's only a minute and a half out of your life. Watch it.

Anyway, this past Saturday we woke up a bit early for some reason. Instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, we decided we were hungry. So we went out to the local diner/pancake house for breakfast.

And what was the special of the day? You got it. Chorizo and eggs. Served with potato pancakes to boot!



Seals said...

Ahhhhhhhh. One of my favorite scenes in my favorite movie.

I think the only scene I think of more is the one where Sidney tries to tell Serrano not to talk on the phone. "Don't say a word to me, Sidney, don't say a fucking word to me. I'll get up and I'll bury this telephone in your head."

Of course, I always get that scene confused with the best line in the movie: "You and that other dummy better start getting more personally involved in your work, or I'm gonna stab you through the heart with a fuckin' pencil. Do you understand me?"

BTW, I love chorizo and eggs too.

Verdant Earl said...

Seals - Hey! Long time no see. I love the entire movie. It's so hard to pick out a favorite scene, but those are some of the best lines in it. Every word out of Dennis Farina's mouth was pure gold.

Callie said...

Love this movie! Completely sublime. :-)