Jun 14, 2012


There's a dude out there named Alex Ebert. And things weren't going so well for old Alex. He broke up with his girlfriend, moved out of his house that he shared with his best friend and entered one of those 12-step programs to deal with addiction. Not sure what kind of addiction it was, but he wasn't in a good place.

Then he started to write a novel about a messiah figure named Edward Sharpe. Sharpe was brought to earth to heal and save, but he wound up being tempted by earthly pleasures...women. As they do. It was all so distracting.

But that was Edward, and this was Alex we were talking about. Or maybe they are one and the same. Edward/Alex met a singer named Jade Castrinos in Los Angeles, and then they and a bunch of musicians started touring around the country in a big old bus as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

It's all quite the trip.

You get the feeling that Chuck Manson might dig this Edward Sharpe character. Or vice versa. Manson wanted to be a musician first before he became a crazy person. Or maybe when he was already a crazy person. It's hard to put a timeline on these kind of things. Sanity...ya know.

Let's just hope history doesn't repeat itself.

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