Nov 3, 2012

Day 6: I am now a zombie

Day 6 without power. Well mostly kinda. My neighbor kindly ran an extension cord over from his generator. He runs it for 3-4 hours at a time and then off for 3-4 hours. So while he runs it, we have limited power. Right now I've got the cable modem, wireless router and laptop plugged in. Voila! Internets here at home for the first time since Monday! Hooray!

Seems that LIPA is promising that 95% of those who lost power will have it restored by Monday evening. I'm not buying it. And even if that does happen, I'll probably be one of the 5% who still must wait. We are on the butt end of the world here on the north shore and last year we were among the last to get power back after Hurricane Irene. 

But I have hot water and intermittent borrowed power. So life ain't all bad. 

Ooooh...the gas lines. I HAVE to tell you about the gas lines. They are insane. Absolutely insane. A whisper is heard about a gas station promising to open soon and lines form instantly. I've never seen anything like it. A half-mile long isn't out of the question. That's what I saw this morning.

I lucked out and found a gas station on Thursday and filled up. That was right before the crazy lines began forming. But it also leaves me not wanting to drive anywhere because I don't want to waste the gas. So it's just me here at the cat ranch with the kitties. Not sure if I mentioned it, but Gia went down to visit her family in SC and missed the storm. She was supposed to fly back a few days ago, but we changed her flight. No sense coming home to no power or heat. She is due back on Wednesday now. Hopefully we will be in better shape by then.


Thanks for all the kind words and sympathies.


Dave2 said...

Keep calm and carry on, man. Best wishes to you and the cats!

Unknown said...

Living close to the Mississippi, I understand the flooding and water damage. The loss of power for so long is not something we have. Welcome to camping in your own home?
Glad to know you're hanging in there.

Poppy said...

Yay for nice neighbors. I witnessed one of the gas lines today, the line was 0.4 miles long. (I used Google Maps to tell me.)

Kate said...

Hang in there. Nice you have the kitties to keep you company..

Unknown said...

.....but what about the bars man? What about the bars?

Kevin McKeever said...

Glad you're surviving. We lost power from Monday to Friday night, but we had a generator installed in April and it was well worth it. You're welcome to crash with us on the Gold Coast ... at least until next week's nor'easter.

savannah said...

sending good thought up your way, sugar! wish it was more, but outside of sending y'all real estate listings fr the dirty south and/or a generator... xoxoxoxo