Nov 6, 2012

Day 9: A Cold Election Day

Took a little drive around my town last night. Seems that everyone except my block and the next block over has power back.

I'm beginning to feel a little picked on over here. I'm not sure what the problem is. There are no downed trees or power lines in the area. Yesterday I heard a guy say that he wasn't supposed to get power back for two weeks but he bought some pizzas for a crew of LIPA workers and they asked him where he lived. He had power back a few hours later.

Now I don't know that guy from Adam, but just hearing stories like that chaps my ass. I want to believe that one neighborhood isn't valued over any other when it comes to restoring heat and power. Or that the job can be "bought" by a few pizzas. Especially on a day like today when ideals are so important to so many people.

I half-hardheartedly joked that I wouldn't be voting this year. Not happy with either guy, frankly. But that was all smoke and bluster. I planned on voting all along. Simply because there is one candidate who, I believe, will say anything to get elected even when he Over and over and over and over again. Well, both guys do it. But there is a difference between a liar and BOLD-FACED FUCKING LIAR, at least in my opinion.

I'm sure there are some folk who will read that last paragraph and they will be absolutely sure which guy I'm talking about. I'm sure there are others who will be absolutely sure that it's the other guy I'm talking about. I'll leave that up to you. Along with your vote.

Me? I'd be just as happy voting for whichever dude turns my power and heat back on at this point.


savannah said...

call your local representative or even better the local tv station! they love stories like this on election day! stay warm and dry, sugar! xoxoxox

Unknown said...

In truth my friend... politics is rarely a topic of interest anywhere outside of the USA, however it doesn't take a high IQ to work out that the Obama fella has done the LEAST amount of harm to the rest of the world during his term of office. For that reason alone he would get my vote.

If I have offended anyone... sorry, it's my personal opinion, end of.

I hope your power is turned on again soon. Tonight I shall eat pizza with you in mind.

daisyfae said...

Greetings, Verdant Dude.... for what it's worth, my son was sent out to NJ as part of the 'power restoration' crew. Based on the pixels of info i've gotten from him, and the pixels of info he gets as 'low man on the power restoration' totem pole, the repair work is being done based on some sort of prioritization scheme - hospitals, public safety at the top of the pile, and then they seem to work it by 'impact' -- repair this area and get a thousand folks back, repair that area, and get 10... sounds like you're in one of those smaller areas that will take awhile yet.

but it's got to be frustrating...hoping they get you lit up again very soon! certainly before the snow comes in...