Jul 25, 2007

Random Crap - July

As the title says, just some random crap folks.

  • Finished the latest (and *sniff* final) Harry Potter book yesterday at lunchtime. I had about 50 pages or so to go on Monday night when Mr. Sandman came for a visit, so I decided to save it for when I was wide awake. Very, very good ending to the series. Turns out that Vader really was Luke's father. I was shocked!
  • The Yankees continue to roll over the worst that the American League has to offer. Unfortunately, Boston keeps winning so the Yankees are no better off than they were last week with respect to the AL East. They are, however, moving on up in the Wild Card chase. Just like George and Weezy Jefferson.
  • Gia and a girlfriend of hers went to see a Poison concert last night. Thanks God she has friends who support her 80's hair band fetish! I can't even imagine going to that show with her. It would be like me dragging her to a comic book convention. Oooh, did I mention that Ratt opened up for them? Round and round...
  • I can't get enough of Lindsay Lohan and her recent troubles. Britney Spears makes me sad because there are kids involved, but I love the Lohan! Maybe because she grew up two towns away. Maybe because her dad was having drinks in my friend's bar the night he got his DWI. Maybe, just maybe because she was chasing down her assistant's mother while drunk and coked out down the streets of LA. Someone needs to make a movie about this she-Terminator. Now!
  • Baseball Geek Alert - Curtis Granderson of the Detroit Tigers is having a season for the ages. He is on pace to hit 47 doubles, 26 triples and 24 home runs. If he stays on pace he would be only the 6th MLer with 20+ in each category. EVER. The other five are George Brett, Willie Mays, Jeff Heath, Jim Bottomley and the immortal Frank Schulte. It feels so good to let my inner baseball geek out to feed sometimes. Rowr!
  • Did anyone out there even bother reading this? I'm not doing this for my health people!


jiggs said...

He's gotta hit 4 more triples and 5 homers to make it! Is this chase any less compelling than bonds'? I don't think so

Verdant Earl said...

Soooo much more exciting than Bonds.

Thank you for acknowledging my inner baseball geek.

Mermaid Melanie said...

Can I borrow your copy of the Potter book? I love baseball, but its not a "religion" to me.

ewwwww... 80's bands make me feel pukey, then and now.

and as for Lindsay, was that a fever blister on her lip in that police shot? Or a crack pipe burn?

i read your schtuff, just don't always comment. you are sometimes soooo deep earl, its beyond my wee whittle mind. ;-)

Grump said...

Hi Earl yep it is really hard to get a Harumph out of bloggers. I still pop in for a look-see a couple of times a week. So keep up the writing. From looking around the blogs you need to be either a japing ape, or a Titilated Ocelot, or some other weird and wonderful make believe animal. The only other way to get comments is to write a sex blog. Otherwise forget the responses. Maybe try adding your holiday nude photos or key words like I masturbate 5 times a day. Bound to work. Have you read the Fat Sparrow blog. Very funny with a hint of sex.

Seals said...

I liked her mugshot photo too. She looked really natural, the kind of girl you can bring home for a threesome. :)

Verdant Earl said...

Mel - whatever it was on Lohan's face, it wa working for her!

Grump - I only masturbate 4 times a day. Wouldn't wanna lie, right?

ajooja - mmm, maybe her and another fucked up starlet at the same time. Nice!