Jul 3, 2007

Rough day

It was a tough one.

Went out last night, almost as an afterthought. Wound up drinking way too much and not eating anything. So some of the salient details of the night are a bit fuzzy.

Wasn't feeling so good this A.M., but I had to wake up early for a conference call (yeah, that's right Slyde). I think I still may have been a bit drunk from the night before. Oops.

Then I went with Gia to drop Syd off at the cat groomer, and then to the hospital for a mammogram appointment for her.

The mammogram went great, the cat groomer....well, not so much.

They were barely into it when Syd freaked out. Big time. He is so gentle all the time, it's easy to forget that he is huge and really, really strong.

He bit the groomer in the thumb after breaking free while he was being combed. He took a small chunk of flesh off of her thumb on one side and bit through her nail on the other side.


Ouch! She was not in a good mood when she called us so that we could pick him up. I don't blame her. She was in better spirits by the time we got there, but not by much. We offered to pay for any medical expenses she might incur, but she wasn't even sure she was going to go to the doctor and she said it was an inherent danger in her job.

Still we felt bad. So did Syd. He appears to be over it, though. He's sleeping on my foot as I type this.

I hope he doesn't have a hankerin' for human blood now. He's could be dangerous!


Slyde said...

a conference call!!!

Wow, don't push yourself! By all means take next week off....

Mermaid Melanie said...

now that is a rare commodity, attack kitty. Do you offer training services?

madge said...


Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - I was referring to waking up early, A-hole.

Mel - $45 an hour for Syd.

Madge - EXACTLY!