Sep 3, 2008

Palin Comparison

Because all the cool kids are doing it.

There have been lots of delicious rumors going around about Sarah and Bristol Palin and which one is the mother of young Trig (what an awesomely awful name). I'm not going to re-hash it all here, but I will give you this link which outlines the rumors of the alleged concealment about as well as one could hope for. I can't tell you whether or not there is any validity to these rumors, but the wide-eyed space monkey in me is praying for it to be true. Not because I am a Liberal and/or Democrat (guilty on both counts), but because it would be the most awesome-ist story to hit the national political arena since it was rumored that President James Buchanan (1857-1861) may have been gay. It would just make me so happy to find out that she pretended to be pregnant so that her 16/17 year-old daughter wouldn't embarrass her. That's gold, Jerry!

No. This entry from Daily Kos is the kind of thing that bothers me more than conspiracy theories regarding her 4 month-old son. Sure, a lot of people don't know that the Pledge of Allegiance originally didn't contain the phrase "under God" in its language, and a lot of folks don't know when it was written. I have no problem with Average Joe/Joan claiming ignorance on those points. But for a woman who was running for the Governorship of Alaska (I'm assuming that is when she answered the questionnaire) to say that she doesn't mind the inclusion of the phrase because "...If it was good enough for the founding fathers, its good enough for me.", I gotta call foul. This has been a hot-button topic for a few years now and anyone in the political arena should know the FACTS about the issue. Certainly before they speak about it*.

*I don't want to pigeon-hole everyone on the religious right here. I've done that before and I've been wrong. I have an aunt who is staunchly conservative and most of that comes from her religious views, so I will use her as an example. I've argued with her about the "under God" phrase in the Pledge. Her views are similar to Ms. Palin's views. Except that she refuses to believe me when I point out the facts. I don't know Palin, so I don't know what she thinks now about the issue. But my aunt firmly believes that the founding fathers of this nation intended our nation to be a Christian nation and she backed it up by bringing up the "under God" issue and the fact that we, as a nation, take the oath on the bible. Including the Presidential Oath. I calmly point out that the Pledge, as written, doesn't include the phrase and that there is nothing, NOTHING that specifically states that the Presidential Oath needs to be done on a bible. Doesn't matter. She brushes aside those FACTS as if they didn't matter. Her mind is made up on the issue. We are a Christian country. I wonder if Palin is as stubborn.

Listen, everyone makes mistakes (see Bristol Palin), but you can't be indignant and self-righteous about an issue when you don't know what the fuck you are talking about. Makes you sound like an fucking idiot (see George W. Bush).

And, I disagree with just about everything that comes out of Sarah Palin's pie-hole. For those of you who aren't aware of her political opinions, here is a sampling of her greatest hits**:

Abortion: She is pro-life. Staunchly so.
Capital Punishment: She supports it in some cases.
Sex Education: She supports a policy of abstinence-only education in schools.
Creationism: She wants it taught in our public schools.
Same Sex Marriage: She opposes it.
Gun Control: Don't even get me started. She's a gun nut.
Global Warming: She doesn't believe that we (humans) have had any hand in it.

**I'm not referencing any source material, it's too exhausting. This information can be found in just about any article you read on Sarah Palin. Go ahead and have fun. - Earl

I've got no problem with her position on any of that stuff. I really don't. I think she's wrong, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What I have a problem with is that she comes across as a fucking idiot when she speaks out of ignorance on a silly little topic like the Pledge of Allegiance, and it makes you wonder how suited she is to discuss any of the really important issues. Eh?

And this could be our next Vice President. And a heartbeat from the big boy seat.

Random Wiki: "The Banality of Evil is a phrase coined in 1963 by Hannah Arendt in her work Eichmann in Jerusalem. It describes the thesis that the great evils in history generally, and the Holocaust in particular, were not executed by fanatics or sociopaths but rather by ordinary people who accepted the premises of their state and therefore participated with the view that their actions were normal." I copied all that directly from Wiki, by the way. Wow! Talk about a topical Random Wiki! I'm just sayin'.


Avitable said...

I've tried arguing that same point with my family to no avail.

Slyde said...

palin scares the crap outta me, and SHOULD put the nail in mccains political coffin, but somehow i think the dummies of this world will give it all a pass come november...

Verdant Earl said...

Avitable - some people use their faith as a shield against the truth. Some people.

Slyde - staying up late on our birthday, eh? Is this what your 40's is gonna be like? I agree. No way this should work, but...

Kaye Waller said...

If I wasn't afraid you'd sue me or something, I'd copy/paste every word you've written in this post and blog it as my own.

Instead, I'm pouring another glass of wine.

Verdant Earl said...

Steph - Wine sounds good right now. Dulls the pain of living in a world where this woman could be Queen. Crap.

Poppy said...

Even if I were a Republican voter I could not in good conscience vote for someone who thinks oppositely to me on every important issue.

Poppy said...

(And by Republican voter I mean "registered as a Republican," NOT "I won't vote for the better candidate if the better candidate happens to be a Republican."

Verdant Earl said...

Poppy - I hear ya. :)

That Hank said...

All those dystopian novels I'm reading just get closer and closer to nonfiction as the days go by.

Verdant Earl said...

DG - I was just thinking that this Sarah/Bristol Palin pregnancy thing would make a great novel. Add genetic testing, hit men, futuristic cars and you've got a hit!

Michelle said...

b.e. i think i love you!!!

Seriously, you wrote here exactly what most of us are thinking!!! Well, at least what i am thinking!! A LOT!!!

Palin is speaking tonight at the RNC i am very curious to hear what she has to say!!! If she can even put together coherent sentences using, hmmm you know words!!! Crazy shit!!!


Verdant Earl said...

Michelle - Actually I think she is probably a fairly good public speaker. She will most likely be better at the convention than McCain himself. Its the digging down to exactly "what" she is saying that will be fun. I have a feeling tonight is all going to be about family and nation. Because, as we've seen thus far, Republicans are the only ones who care about such things. Rah fucking rah!

limpy99 said...

Yes, aren't we all in favor if abstinence only sex education. Say, how's that working out for Bristol Palin?

Seals said...

She's an idiot. This is only going to better for the Dems.

Michelle said...

b.e. forgot to mention:
i love the title of your post!!! Most excellent dude!!


white rabbit said...

Anyone who calls their daughter 'Bristol' needs locking up. Over here Bristols is rhyming slang for breasts (Bristol City - a football club = titty)

Jus sayin...

Anndi said...

For a bunch of people who didn't believe the "family business" should be discussed they sure are trotting out the "father-to-be" aren't they?

Guess having a daughter that doesn't abort but has unprotected sex is a lesser evil.

Verdant Earl said...

Limpy - methinks she dabbled w the forbidden fruit.

ajooja - the Dems just need to step back and let the media dissect this train-wreck.

Michelle - thanks! Took me forever to come up with something that clever. Or 30 seconds. :)

WR - I like that! And if I were so inclinded to comment on a teenager's breasts, I would say that she sports a nice pair. But I won't stoop that low. ;)

Anndi - Heya! I love how she claims that they were "thrilled" when Bristol told them of her "blessing". Yeah right. Thrilled and blessing is what you convince yourself of the next day after being so pissed off at the kid but knowing that your faith won't let you do anything about it. Feh.

Bruce Johnson said...

I knew you would rip into Mrs. Palin eventually. Good job, we will all be ripping into her for at least 4 months....if not much, much longer.

Unfortunately, the next president will most likely be elected by the majority of people that actually believe that George Washington chopped down a Cherry Tree, threw a dollar across the Potomac, Paul Revere really did warn that the British were coming and that Dick Cheney had nothing to do with 'outing' Valerie Plame. Politics isn't about truth, it is about 'spin'.

Screw Survivor and Big Brother, I am just watching Reality Politics for the rest of the year.

(This blog did not suck)