May 15, 2011

New Episide tonight at 9PM EST - JTTTC

I may be away on vacation, but we are still doing what we do most Sunday nights.  Check the details from The Colonel below for the, um, details. - Earl

Tonight should be extra fun as Earl is vacationing in the Carolina's, surely sipping something odd, and tonights topic of baseball's oddballs and weird events should make for good fun.
Enjoy and hope you catch you later.

Hey Stalkers, so last week Earl, the Verdant Dude, opted to do a Friday Night Happy Hour show.  To ensure that I adhere to the shows format, I opted to drink a bit.   I'm pretty sure Earl did too.   Our pre-determined schedule was a good one, and the show was running well.   We did our fun discussion on Field of Dreams (the movie in which the name of our show is derived), and then..... well if you missed it, its worth tuning into the replay.  Lets just say that our #1 fan Sybil called into the show and changed the format, probably forever.    I have no real recollection of the last hour of the show, and I haven't listened to the replay so I can't tell you how it all turned out.   I may try to do this weeks show sober.   
Speaking of..........., our special segment Sunday will be "Baseball Oddities", or more specifically, the stupidest, dumbest, weirdest more far fetched things that baseball players did off the field.    We will also be adding Shortstops to the Cornfield All-Stars, and catching up on this week in baseball.    Here are the episode notes:
05/15/2011 9:00 PM
Episode Notes: Hopefully we can get through this episode without any mention of oral pleasures. Unless you are into that kind of thing, and really...who isn't. Listen to Earl and The Colonel as they discuss the week that was in baseball. There may even be a special visit from one of The Colonel's children. Earl doesn't have any children. Something about court orders and other nonsense...I dunno. He does have several asshole cats though. Meow!!
Join us Sunday night at 9 using the following link
Or as usual you can listen to the show on I-Tunes when its posted during the week:
Earl and The Colonel


sybil law said...


Slyde said...

wow, doing the show DURING the survivor finale?

im impressed at your determination...

Jimmy said...

Slightly off topic pal, but I wanted to mention that I stumbled across a new beer to my tastebuds on holiday in Spain last week. Have you tried this one - Jolly Pumpkin Bam Bier.

It came served with a vodka chaser and went down quicker than Monica Lewinski.

Verdant Earl said...

Jimmy - I've tried several of the beers from Jolly Pumpkin, but not the Bam Biere. Will have to rectify that.