May 1, 2011

New Episide tonight at 9PM EST - JTTTC

Let's do it to it people.  Here's The Colonel's weekly email notification:

Tonight's episode is one I'm looking forward to.  Earl will explain what exactly Bacon Infused Bourbon really is.  Why, because its two of my favorite things and because I wanna know!!    We will follow that up with a wrap-up of this weeks games and then a knock-down drag out argument over WAR, and how to interpret it. 
Below is the 'formal' Episode guide as written by Mr. Earl himself.
Hope to catch you on tonight!!
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Title: EPISODE9 - WAR, Good God....what is it good for?

Episode Notes: Absolutely nothing! Say it again! This week, Earl and The Colonel discuss bacon-infused bourbon, advanced metrics like WAR (Wins Above Replacement), nominations for the Cornfield All-Star first basemen, a new feature called "Did you know?", and why Kirby Puckett may have been the worst all-time 1st ballot inductee into the Hall of Fame. He's dead now, by the way. So we'll feel even less guilty than usual when trashing his legacy. Not that it really would have stopped us.
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