Aug 5, 2011

Hell's Belle

I haven't seen an episode of True Blood since Season 1, so I missed the one from last summer that featured a song by Cary Ann Hearst.  "Hell's Bells" is the name of the tune, and it's really freaking good.

Seems like it became quite popular after being featured on that HBO show.  I didn't know that, but we've been listening to it for quite a while now anywho. And she's from Charleston, we dig.

Check her interview on NPR a few months ago below.  And then a few videos featuring her music, including the video for "Hell's Bell".  Dig times two!


Slyde said...

havent watched since season 1? what the fuck have you been doing with yourself? don't you realize how many vampires fucking that you've missed out on by now?

Slyde said...

p.s. my word verification is "coxens"... that sounds dirty

sybil law said...

You got Slyde all riled up!
What season is True Blood even on, now? I haven't seen since season 3. Eh.
Oh - and MY word verification is rewins. Rewins! Yes!

Verdant Earl said...

Slyde - Yeah, I know...I'll get to it one of these days.

Sybil - No idea what season we are up to. I thought Season 3, but what do I know. Rewins!

Slyde said...

season 4 is the current season, bitches!