Aug 14, 2011

JTTTC - New Episode tonight at 9PM EST

This episode may be one for the ages.  Let's hear what the Colonel has to say about it in his weekly email:

A few little teasers about tonights show:
Every wonder why Jason Heyward was hitting 7th earlier in the year.   Why do the Reds bat Brandon Phillips clean-up??    Why does Tony LaRussa hit his pitchers 8th??     How come Howie Kendrick hits so low in the order this year??    
Lineups, not just the players but rather the order in which the players are hitting, are one of the most important weapons a manager can use in "strategizing" against the other team.   Some managers like Scioscia are good at it, some like Fredi Gonzalez are horrible, and some like Joe Torre and were simply geniuses at putting lineups together.   You have to balance your teams strengths, while taking into account the very delicate mind set of the teams hitters, all while planning moves to be made during the game, and using the starting lineup almost like setting up for a chess match.  
Tonight Earl and the Colonel will discuss lineups with a concentrated focus on the lineups of our favorite teams.   The SECOND PLACE Yankees and the FIRST PLACE Brewers.  Ha.  
We will also be doing my favorite segment, Tales From The Cornfield, this time discussing our favorite "brawls".      Thank you Earl for digging deep into your dark heart for that one.  This will lead into our Cornfield All-Star team member for which player you'd want on your team, who would "have your back" during a brawl. 
I also will be sharing a very special tale from my adventure across America this weekend, called "The Return of Shenaynay"
And finally, Earl may introduce a new Cornfield Contest, whereby we attempt to find a reasonable name for those top 'set-up' men, like Dan Bard and Kevin Robertson.   
Ought to be a rousing good time.   HOPE TO SEE YOU LATER!!
Earl and the Colonel


sybil law said...

Well you know I'll be there! I'm trying to get my BIL to listen, too - he's a sports nut and expressed an interest when I told him about the show.
Woohoo! I am the best fan! :)

Verdant Earl said...

Sybil - You are the best fan!