Nov 5, 2012

Day 8: Hope and Despair

Lost power last Monday in the afternoon, so I consider this to be Day 8 without power and heat.

Had a fraction of Hope last night as I was coming back from picking up some Chinese food. I was waiting at a light to cross a major road near where we live when I noticed a whole fleet of power company trucks in the parking lot of the motel across the street. And sure enough, the power kicked on for that motel and then headed north all along the west side of the harbor that we live on.

So I rushed home, embracing the warmth of street lights in our neighborhood for the first time since the storm. As I turned to make my way across the bridge, my heart sank. That's where the power stopped. I live on the east side of the harbor and we are still in a black hole. Turns out it was only the barest minimum corridor of power that ran along the other side of the water. The rest of the town behind that corridor still looks like a war zone. Downed trees and lines everywhere. We actually fared much better with the trees on our side of the water. But still no power.

So I'm back here...with my good friend Despair.

Oh, I know. So many people have it worse than me. I have hot water and occasional access to the Internet (thanks to an extension cord from a neighbor and his generator). But I'm still bumming, man.

This shit needs to end.


Kate said...

Dude that sucks. I feel your pain. Won't be long now, though.. fingers crossed.

Unknown said...

This sucks for y'all, so hard. And I'm sorry you're going through it. Post hurricane life is the shits (I lived in Pensacola, I know). Hang in there, we're all thinking about you, hoping good things and immediate improvements come you way.

Kevin McKeever said...

Maybe they are waiting until after the nor'easter Wed night so they don't have to hook you up twice. Stay warm.

Poppy said...

Just know I'm thinking about you all the time right now. I hope this zombie story has a happy ending. But not the dirty kind.